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Thursday, December 20, 2012 – At Sea – Caribbean Sea (North of Cuba) – Sunny – Breezy – mid 70sF

Lots of wave slap during the night – seas are a little choppy this morning but…

A beautiful day at sea…

20121220_ships position (Small)

20121220_At Sea (Small)

Breakfast in the Islands Cafe – Waffle plus cottage cheese, sour cream, whipped cream, and blueberry compote.  Just like home…very good.  Ellen had a nice room service breakfast – omelet and lox.

We are both in the Hemisphere Lounge on Deck 12 watching the waves and Cuba off the starboard side of the vessel.  Light chop – no big deal.  An acupuncture lecture is going on the background.  I stepped outside to get this great picture of passengers enjoying the full sunlight on the Pool Deck.

 20121220_Pool Deck (Small) 

The Hemisphere Lounge has this little compass that tells you the direction the ship is going.  Low tech but interesting.

 20121220_Hemisphere Lounge and Compass (Small)

Ellen and the Compass

My first talk - “Forensic Science: The CSI Phenomenon” is scheduled for 2:30 PM in the Cinema on Deck 6.  There are advertisements for the day’s activities around the ship (for example: a “digital frame” scrolls the activities at the Guest Relations Desk).  There is plenty of exposure for all of the Celebrity Life Activities.

I arrived about 40 minutes early for my talk – another talk had just finished up so the LCD unit was up and running.  It took me only five minutes to set up and test all of my equipment.  The projection unit is very good quality and delivers a HD like image.  The Cinema has 144 chairs (what – they couldn’t find one more) and even though it’s early some people are in their seats (it is a quiet place after all).  As I mingle, I met a couple that had sailed with me twice before – the last being on the Jewel of Seas transatlantic cruise.  She told me that she still remembered the talk about the cats and trees.

As 2:30 PM approached, more and more people arrived and by show time, all of the seats were filled.  People were standing along both walls and some people just didn’t stay.  I would say that the attendance was about 160 plus people.  About 90 percent of the folks were CSI fans and the crowd was very interactive.  The talk finished right on time and drew a nice round of applause.  Positive comments followed and people said they would return for the rest of the series.  I had to use a hand held mic which was not as efficient as the headsets but it all worked out fine.

 IMG_20121220_Ready to go Talk 1 (Small) IMG_20121220_Full House Talk 1 (Small)

Left: Getting ready; Right: Introduction and Full House

Post talk, we spent time in the Cova Cafe (Deck 6) prior to getting ready for Dinner in the Grand Cafe.  We still don’t have seats but we checked in with the Maitre D’ to see what’s available.  He always tells us that he has nothing and that Select Dining is 150 percent  overbooked but then tells us to check with the hostess in Select Dining who will be able to seat us.  We did get a table for two in the center of the action – loud and hectic with wait staff flying all around us.  I ordered the Black Salmon (Cobia) and Ellen had the salmon.  I believe I might have to remove the Cobia from my list – just not my type of fish.  The rest of the meal was fine.

Right around dinner time, I was able to get some great shots of the sunset.

20121220_Sunset Atlantic Ocean near Cuba (Small)

20121220_Sunset (Small)

as well as the northern coast of Cuba (below).  It’s difficult to see in the photo but the lights of Cuba were visible from the ship.

20121220_Eastern Coast of Cuba (Small)

Show time tonight was the first Production Show: “Dancing Around the World”.  We had seen this show on other ships but every version is slightly different.  While waiting for the show to start, the monitors on the side of the theater broadcast the events of the following day including my second presentation.

20121220_On screen in the theater pre show (Small) 

Preview of Celebrity Life Activities for tomorrow

The show was good especially the dancers.  I tried to get a picture of my favorite segment – the Irish Step Dance – but the lighting and speed of the dancers made that difficult (I did get one shot).

20121220_Dancing Around the World (Small) 20121220_Irish Step Dance (Small)

Irish Step Dance (they need more dancers)

The acrobatic duo performed some scary moves on the cable – even scarier than previous duos – e.g. releases and grabs.

20121220_Acrobat Duo (Small) 20121220_Acrobat Duo 1 (Small)

Acrobatic Duo

20121220_Celebrity Cast 1 (Small) 20121220_Dancers (Small)

20121220_Dancers and Singers Finale (Small)


After the show, we went to Michael’s Club to hear Eddie Covarrubias sing and play.  He is an excellent pianist and his songs are all recognizable – he even did “Hallelujah”.

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