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Saturday, December 29, 2012 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – Mostly Sunny – Windy – 82F

Slept better…

20121229_ships position (Small)

A windy day at sea – winds across the deck at 42 kts.  Looks like it might have rained overnight since the decks and deck chairs on Deck 6 are wet.

After breakfast in the Cafe, I caught most of Uncle Marty’s final talk on Panama – General Noriega and the Carter Panama Canal Treaty.

  20121229_At Sea (Small)

The Pacific Ocean and a cool camera artifact

20121229_At Sea PM (Small)

My fifth talk - “Search for the Unknown Titanic Child” was scheduled for the Theater at 2:30 PM.  Again, the attendance was good (going to call it 300 attendees because it is too difficult to count the people) and the interaction was excellent.  After the talk, one of the attendees – a rocket engineer – told me that 10 and 24 zeroes is called a “yotta” so the total LR for the Tsar was 100 yotta.  I told him I would share that with the audience before the cruise was over and he indicated he would give me a practical analogy for that large number. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent on the outside decks and then dinner was in the Islands Cafe.  A great sunset and evening added to the experience. 

20121229_Back Deck (Small) 20121229_Sunset Back Deck (Small)

Dinner out on the Back Deck

The headliner tonight is Antonio Solchi – an excellent pianist.  He is very laid back but entertaining.  His twist on things is to highlight individuals from the band in his show.  I also liked the fact that he played songs that had good melodies and were recognizable.

20121229_Pianist Solchi (Small) 20121229_Pianist Solchi 1 (Small)

Antonio Solchi – pianist extraordinaire

Tonight is the interactive 70s show so John G came out in full 70s regalia including a wig.  I caught it on my phone.

20121229_CD John 70s night (Small)

Groovy John Grantham

After the show, we listened to the Celebration Band in the Rendezvous Lounge.  There is something about the band that is messing with my phone’s camera.  Every time I try to take a picture of them playing, the camera goes to the home screen.  I got lucky with the picture below.  Mysterious forces at work? – you tell me.

20121229_Hard to shoot Celebration Band (Small)

Hard to shoot Celebration Band

I finished my second book of the cruise, Lee Childs’ book “Jack Reacher: Die Trying” – I am really getting into the Reacher novels.

Nice day at sea…

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