Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Thursday, January 3, 2013 – San Diego, CA – Sunny – 70F

Distance from Cabo San Lucas to San Diego: 745 Nautical Miles

Total Voyage: 4496 Nautical Miles

 20130103_ships position (Small)

After 15 days, we have arrived in San Diego, CA.

Some unfinished business.  Ellen got a beautiful rose at the Captain’s Table and I wanted a picture of it – since you can’t take plants off the ship.

20130103_w rose cap table 1 (Small)

Captain’s Table Rose

It was difficult to take any good pictures of San Diego because all of the decks were closed.

20130103_San Diego (Small) 20130103_San Diego 2 (Small)

San Diego, California

We hung around the Cova Cafe since that was the exit point for debarkation.  Sometime around 10 AM, people started moving so we merged into that line – a final hug from Jamie and we were on our way off the ship.  We went through immigration in no time – we may have been the first people through – and soon we were sitting on our airport bus.

The bus did not leave until about 10:30 AM but the ride to the airport was very short.  While I waited for the bags to come off the bus, Ellen was at the United desk trying to figure out our flights and get us some seats for the first leg.  When I got to the deck, another option surfaced – connecting in Houston and then on to Chicago.  The problem was seats – no two together.  My only comment - “Unacceptable”.  I told the agent we were in this situation because UAL changed our itinerary – I told he should comp us some “Economy Plus Seats” (Ellen wanted Business Class).  They were all gone.  After about a thousand key strokes later he asked us if Exit Row Aisle and Middle would be OK.  Sold.

20130103_San Diego Airport (Small)

SAN used to “Lindbergh Field” – Makes Sense

 20130103_San Diego to Houston (Small)

UA920 – Airbus A320 – ready to go

UA920 left San Diego pretty much on time at 11:31 AM (so no wait at the airport).  The flight was smooth and we had brought food on board so we had lunch.  It landed right on time at around 4:30 PM.  The only issue - the passenger in the window seat wanted her window closed all the time – she was an instant sleeper.  I like to be able to look out once in a while.

UA1172 was scheduled to depart at 6:11 PM.  While the gate was the last one, it was at least in the same terminal.  We got there in plenty of time.

20130103_Houston to ORD (Small)

UA1172 – 737-900 – Ready to go

We are in “sardine seats” on this flight – cannot even cross my legs.  We spent an awful long time taxing and waiting prior to take off.  When the pilot came on, he said the long taxi would have us into Chicago a little late – about half past the hour – 9:30 PM or about 40 minutes late – he said he would try to make up lost time in the air.  Still not in the middle of the night.

The flight was relatively smooth and I might have set a first by not taking one washroom break for the entire flight.  I checked my watch at about 8:00 PM and figured we still had about another 90 minutes or so left.  However, I could feel the plan descending – perhaps a new cruising altitude.  The pilot then came on and said we were in our initial descent into ORD and would be landing in about 20 minutes – what?

The plane landed at 8:30 PM about 20 minutes early.  Must have kicked in the warp engines.  Our bags made it too.

A chilly wait for our cab – this cab featured a lit sign with our name on it – first time I had ever seen that.

Finally home and a a fairly decent time.

An OK finish to a wonderful cruise

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