Tuesday, November 21, 2023

October 28, 2023 – San Pedro, CA – World Cruise Center – Partly Cloudy = 70F

Just a short hop from San Diego and we are back at the Port of Los Angeles.

Cruise 1 was an unexpected lecturing success. Hoping for a similar outcome for the second and longer cruise.  At breakfast, which wasn’t all that crowded, I noticed that we are sharing the port with the Discovery Princess – one of their newer ships, she will probably show up again during our itinerary.

After breakfast together up in the Oceanview Cafe, we reported to the Sky Lounge at 9:00 AM to turn in our old Sea Pass Cards and get our new one.  There are only about a hundred ongoing passengers so the new cruise will have all new passengers and the talks won’t have to be modified.  They said they would give us back the old card at Guest Relations but that is a myth.  We got our new cards but they didn’t open the doors – after some detective work by our good friend, Karen from Colombia, in Guest Relations and some computer work, she was able to get the keys to work.  She then set up my Wi-Fi which for some reason didn’t want to set up for me (and I have done it several times including on the previous cruise).  She was so happy to be able to help she initiated an actual high five with me.

Once settled, we had lunch in the Oceanview Café before the masses arrived. 

I did another promo video with Brenda from Mexico City. I thought the one from last cruise was better but Brenda like it and it only took one take.

There are more people on this cruise than on the last as indicated by the crowded conditions in the Oceanview Café and the difficulty in getting a table for dinner.  Charlotte told me that the ship would have more passengers on this second cruise. Salad, pasta, and pizza were on the menu for dinner tonight.  

Tonight’s entertainer is comedian AJ Jamal.  Black and funny and in addition to that, he has a MS in Engineering.  He was a hoot probably the funniest comic we have seen in quite a while.  He lumbered around the stage but he was understandable and clever with his jokes.  He also made fun of those who wandered in late and of a woman who stood up and was messing with her outfit. 

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