Sunday, November 26, 2023

November 2, 2023 – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Warm – 80s – Partly Cloudy

After breakfast, we walked through the Puerto Magico Terminal – the snazzy new terminal built a few years ago (before that, you just walked from the ship through a security gate and onto the sidewalk) and then across the street to the Vego Spa.  

I had emailed the owner, Martha, to set up two appointments at 10 AM.  Martha and her associate arrived 20 minutes late (due to heavy traffic she said was due to the Day of the Dead).  We both had hour treatments for $35 dollars each.  We tipped them each $10 and then headed back to the Port Mall (adjacent to the Terminal).  I was hoping to buy coffee from Shekinah Coffee but now they are no longer selling whole bean coffee in bags.

I did get a picture of the Puerto Magico Sign.

We found a seat on the back deck for lunch. It was a beautiful day in Puerto Vallarta delivering a clear view of the city and the mountains.  

We could also see the Walmart, Sam's Club

and Galleria Vallarta Mall from the deck.

After dinner, we went to the Theater for Showtime.  Tonight, the Singers and Dancers are putting on “Broadway Cabaret”, the best show on Celebrity, where they sing Broadway and West End tunes.  All of the singers are terrific vocalist and the selections like “Don’t Rain on My Parade”, Les Miz medley, “One Day More”, Bring Him Home”

 a Carole King Medley from "Beautiful"

were wonderfully performed. And, of course, any show like this has to conclude with "Hairsprays" "You Can't Stop the Beat". 

It was great the last time we saw this show and it was once again wonderful 

and the cast deserved their bows and standing ovation.

This is our last port of call - next stop, Port of Los Angeles, San Pedro.

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