Tuesday, November 21, 2023

October 24, 2023 – At Sea - Late Arrival at Cabo San Lucas – Sunny, 80s

A decent night’s sleep.  We don't get to Cabo for several more hours and the seas are calm and the day looks beautiful.

The room has some weird noises and the most annoying one is one we’ve heard before – a “whirring” (about five seconds) following by a thump or something like a valve closing.  It seems to be related to the bow thrusters but they were not running and the noise is there even when we are in open waters.  On a previous voyage years ago, the noise became enough of a problem that I had an engineer come and check it out.  He came up with all sorts of ideas of what was causing it (none of which made any sense to me) but was not able to fix the issue.  The earplugs take care of the noise pretty well but I don’t like to wear them too much as they irritate my ears.  The noise is not there all the time so that’s a positive.

Another good breakfast in the Oceanview Café – tried the pancakes and fried eggs today – not so crowded up in the Oceanview Café so I could get my eggs fast.  The eggs were actually over well but overall the breakfast was OK.  

I am speaking in the morning before we arrive in Cabo – today’s talk is “Forensic Detectives: The Search for the Unknown Titanic Child” and it is in the Theater.  

The turnout was pretty good (maybe a few hundred passengers – Ellen counted 70 in the balcony.  Considering the weather and the fact that people are getting ready to tender to Cabo, the turnout was beyond expectations.

I rushed a bit at the end as another group was coming into the theater – the Captain and CD both do their announcements at 10:00 AM – and they are piped into the theater - so I got a later start and finished right at 11:00 AM  Again that the AV in the theater yielded blurry slides.  It is difficult for me to read certain areas of the slides so I know the passengers can’t.  I spoke to the AV tech and he told me the focus can’t be changed because it is set for the production shows. 

A lot of passengers had questions so I ushered them into the hall outside the theater.  One passenger handed me a rubber duck, which she said was something people were passing around on cruises (I was unaware).  

The little duck also had a note that said you could keep it as well.  I decided it was a lovely souvenir from this cruise.

I changed clothes and we had lunch in the Café.  The tuna and egg salad are both good and you don’t even need bread for those.  Most of the ship will be going off to Cabo on tenders and tender numbers were called all day.  

We started off in a comfortable large lounger-for-two in the Solarium,  where we could watch the approach to Cabo from the Pacific. Eclipse even had a Mexican Coast Guard escort to our anchorage.

but, the chlorine forced us to a new location.  We found some comfortable seats on Deck 5 Forward Starboard. They are right outside the Theater and do not broadcast the screaming lady like the rest of the ship.  While it was warm, there was a nice breeze across the deck which kept everything comfortable.  From this location, we could see the town of Cabo Marina in the cove.

There are two other ships here today, the Ruby Princess and Navigator of the Seas.

The ship is using its own tenders 

and well as Cabo local tenders (probably a more exciting ride).  Hurricane Norma came through Cabo about a week ago and the city has been cleaning up and fixing up.  From the ship, the only thing I see related to the storm would be that the beach sand across the bay is piled up against the barriers.  There was no party music going on in Cabo. 

We stayed out there until it was time for dinner.  We tried the Moonlight Sonata Dining Room tonight as we thought a lot of the passengers would be staying in Cabo for dinner.  They had some good appetizers and some good looking pasta.  We also had the fastest service ever in the dining room – we were in a table for four around the corner from the hostess desk.  I don't remember what kind of pasta it was but I ate most of it - so it had to be good. The broiled salmon was also pretty good (the mashed potatoes are the best part of the entrée) and the Cesar Salad was good, as well.  The service was so fast that we had time for apple pie a al mode and some coffee and tea.  

Tonight’s entertainer was Mike Mentz a southerner from Chicago (we had seen him just before the Pandemic on the Grand Princess (Hawaii from SF - our pre-pandemic cruise - Grand Princess became a COVID ship on its return from Mexico on the following cruise).  He’s got a Jim Croce vibe going with his guitar and songs.  He was mentored by the late great Lari White, who passed away about 5 years ago or about the time we saw him last.  His show was entertaining and I remembered quite a bit of it.

It was a warm night so we went back to our spot on Deck 5.  The tenders were still running and will be all night.

Tomorrow, a full day in Cabo San Lucas.  A good night for sleeping, I hope.

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