Sunday, November 19, 2023

October 21, 2023 – Los Angeles – Nice – 80s

We had another decent breakfast at the hotel - I get the same stuff every day but the cereal and waffles never get old.  

After breakfast, we dressed up a bit and drove to Pasadena and picked up Noah before driving into Los Angeles to have brunch at Nalsey’s.   Also joining us for brunch was Mirin, Leah, Ben, and Sid.  This time out, Sid had changed his plans so he could spend more time with everyone. Nalsey and Steve always put out a wonderful spread, which this time time centered around delicious bagels from Noah's Bagels (which came from Larchmont - we saw the shop when we drove down Larchmont). There was also lox and cream cheese and a bunch of tasty desserts, one of which was baked by Mirin. Noah and Ben were able to discuss video games and the rest of us just caught up.

The visit was very pleasant and we tried to catch up on things but the best thing was taking a group shot (we always forget to do that).

Then we drove back to Oxy to see Noah’s Math Building and the grounds.  Noah is a student tutor and his name and picture are on a flyer on the Math Building’s bulletin board.  We found some comfortable seats across from the Math Building and stayed there until it got a bit chilly.  The grounds were abuzz with parents vising on Parent's Weekend and there was some kind of game being played on the athletic field nearby. 

We started walking back to the car when we passed the spectacular Lucille Y. Gilman Memorial Fountainthat punctuates the grounds.  I took pictures from various angles.

We were getting hungry but not for a huge meal.  Noah suggested Town Pizza in Eagle Rock, which according to Noah was the best pizza in town.  It's a really popular place and hard to park but, after circling the block several times, we got a premier space right across the street and managed to get a table before the place filled up and lines formed at the hostess stand.  A good thing since I was parked at a meter - no coins so I used a credit card; the time limit was 60 minutes and you couldn't reload the meter.  The large cheese pizza was hyper thin but really tasty.  We ate the whole pizza - it was just enough. 

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