Sunday, November 26, 2023

November 1, 2023 – Mazatlan, Mexico – Warm – 80s – Partly Cloudy

Another nice breakfast - might have tried the eggs and pancake combo today.  Lots of people getting off today but still got a nice seat a little further back but still had a window - the view is not terrific, though.

We have been to Mazatlan several times and have seen the fresh seafood market, the Malecon, the statues along the beach, the divers, and the Golden Zone umpteen times so we are not taking any tours.  Our only plan for today besides eating was to take the bumpy tram to the terminal shops, take a picture of the “Mazatlan” sign, and browse the shops.  I sometimes go to the mini-spa at the end of the mall ("Beauty Shop") but opted not to today.  Quite a few spa trips on these cruises so far.  

The tram was indeed bumpy - all I can say is "ouch". The shops were pretty much the same and I did get a picture of the sign - this is not the official Mazatlan sign, which is somewhere in the city,  This will have to do.

We've noticed something unusual on this cruise - there's a person walking around with a guitar who will just start playing and singing.  He mainly does his thing up in the Sky Lounge.  I thought he might be our next entertainer but they don't usually practice in the public areas.  I also figured he was our next door neighbor as we do hear someone playing a guitar and singing past usual hours.  The playing was so persistent that I actually wrote a polite note and stuck it in his Sea Pass slot in his cabin door in an effort to get some quiet.

As it turns out, he is neither an entertainer or our neighbor - just a guitar guy who likes to play in public.  We've seen random piano people do this but never a guitarist.  Besides, he just didn't look like an entertainer. 

Tried out some new camera settings for taking pictures in the darkened theater.  I took this when Nate came out.  Some improvement.


Tonight’s entertainer is actually Jonathan Scott Roth, who is a country singer from small town in New Hampshire and an entertainer we had never seen before.  That’s because this was his first solo performance on a ship – he came off 15 years as a singer in the ensemble. There's a man with both patience and a goal. 


He put on a great show – not too loud.  I didn’t recognize all the songs but they were all entertaining. 

He is also apparently our neighbor even though we have never seen him enter the room and he probably doesn’t know who we are.  He seemed like a real nice guy and I almost felt bad writing the note but sleep is important.  I never got a return note but it did get quieter.  

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