Sunday, November 26, 2023

November 4, 2023 – At Sea – off the Coast of Mexico – Cool and Windy – 70s

A not so good night.  

We moved clocks back in anticipation of the end of Daylight time (happening tomorrow). We had moved clocks one hour forward for Puerto Vallarta and then moved them back the next day and then again for “falling back”. All that did was mess with my sleep so I was up several times and am pretty tired today.

I had a real nice breakfast today – the cottage cheese did have to be brought up from downstairs but it came quickly. I also had some corn flakes and Special K and milk along with the waffle and fixings. I had a little more time this morning.  I brought Ellen her usual special room service breakfast.  

I am in the Theater again at 11:15 AM for “The CSI Phenomenon: Forensics and Television”. This was the first time that this talk was not the opening talk in the series.  The turnout was down a bit but OK and the audience was interactive but the talk just didn’t have the impact as a closing presentation.  Very few people sit in the front center section - there are more people in the balcony than in the prime viewing area.  

I never checked and no one ever told me whether these talks were broadcast into the staterooms.  I don't think they were.  

As a change of pace, we had lunch in the Dining Room because a Tuna Melt and Fries were on the menu – the Tuna Melt Panini (trace amount of tuna) and the fries were good and so was the Key Lime Pie.  The Dining Room was crowded (perhaps by people leaving my talk) so it took a while to get our meals.

The most important task for today was to check in for our Southwest Airline flights from LAX to ORD.  The timing was a little wonky because of the end of DST (which affected the 24 hour before check in time requirement).  I checked in using the Southwest Airlines app on my phone and got us our Boarding Positions (not the greatest). Doing so also checked us in for our connecting flight from Denver to ORD. 

We purchased transfers to LAX (I got one as the speaker) and we are in Group 33, the last group off the ship – around 8:30 AM.  I took the easiest path since I didn't know where the Uber pickup area was at the Cruise Terminal.  

We ate the last dinner of the cruise up in the Oceanview Café – pasta station and pizza. Still good and the place was quiet.  There was a crew member carving watermelons and other fruit for displays and I got a nice picture of his work and one of him and Ellen. 

As a bonus, I also got a nice iconic picture including a beautiful sunset.

We went to the Theater to see Jonathan Scott Roth's second show.  Before the show, Nate and the Captain introduced the crew, who did their traditional march.  The show was good again.  

Ellen and I both packed – everything I brought was worn so I just threw it all in the suitcase.  I put our bags out in the hallway beyond the door (to make sure they get picked up).  

All set to go in the morning.

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