Monday, November 18, 2019

February 9, 2019 - Port Stanley, Falkland Islands - windy, wet and ucky - 60s

We had breakfast in the Waterside Dining Room because our challah French Toast was waiting for us.  It was delicious.  Breakfast takes a while in the Dining Room and I'm an eat-read my magazine-four cups of coffee guy when it comes to breakfast.

Almost 75 percent of cruise ships have to divert from Port Stanley because of weather.  This area of the South Atlantic has some of the worst weather on the planet - something like 200 plus rainy days a year.(someone once told us).  

The arrival at our anchor point was a late one so my first presentation of the cruise was at 10 AM in the Galaxy Lounge.  Here's the advert.

After a nice introduction by Russ, I presented "The Mystery of the Romanovs" to a pretty good crowd - at least half full (over 250 people).  I finished on time and had some time at the end to chat with some of the guests.

The day started off OK but by the afternoon, the weather came in and the rain started.  

We, however, are warm and cozy on board Symphony.  I am feeling the pain of those guests who tendered to Port Stanley.

The seas can be pretty rough in this part of the ocean but it is relatively smooth out there.

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