Monday, November 18, 2019

February 8, 2019 - At Sea - Atlantic Ocean - Partly Cloudy - 70s

Another lazy day at sea - no lecture today - we are several days into the cruise and I've yet to get to work.  Not complaining, though.

Leisurely and scenic breakfast up in the Market Place - the waiters have been trained in the art of bringing me my sour cream for the waffle - it sort of shows up at the table.  Love breakfasts on Crystal.

The sea is smooth and the day is nice as seen from a shot from our cabin window.  I couldn't quite edit out the lifeboat hull (otherwise, all you would see would be water).

For dinner tonight, we ordered Kosher meals (rib eye steaks plus chopped liver).  The chef also made us a beautiful challah, which we, of course, could not finish.  Vlad suggested that the challah be saved and turned into French Toast the next day for breakfast.  OK.

The dinner was delicious and the service wonderful as usual.  We now have a semi permanent seat but as long as have Petra and Vlad, any seat will do.

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