Tuesday, November 12, 2019

February 4, 2019 - Day 2 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Partly Cloudy - 85F

Another beautiful day in the Big Apple of South America.

A good night's sleep - it's easy when the ship is docked.

I was up early for breakfast in the Marketplace buffet - oatmeal, waffle, cottage cheese, jams, and coffee will probably be my standard meal on this ship.  The service is excellent and the food is also excellent.  Ellen ordered room service - it's a small ship and the food comes fast and hot.

The ship is providing shuttle service to the shopping area near Avenida Florida - a very nice pedestrian walkway loaded with shops and restaurants.  On past visits, we have stayed at hotels near the walkway and shopping.  After breakfast, we hopped on the uncrowded bus and in a few minutes we were ready to explore.

One of the more interesting structures along the walk was an installation that reminded me of the "Stargate" in the movie of the same name.  Of course, I couldn't resist taking a picture.

We also found a store featuring several life sized action figures.  Of course, I had to document the fantastic "Wonder Woman" (recent movie version) statue.

We got photo-bombed trying to get a picture of what looked to be a metal flower along Avenida Florida.  It was a good try - must have been another passenger who took this picture - I wouldn't let a local use my phone (although, they probably have better phones than I do).

We went back to Symphony for lunch and stayed on board for the rest of the day. There are a lot of comfortable places to read - one of the newest (a result of the recent renovation) and best is an area just behind the new Chinese Restaurant, Silk. There are comfortable couches and single padded seats.  The bar is close by and the waiters are constantly bringing drinks. This will be my go to place for reading.

We did get a table for two tonight thanks to our wonderful Maitre D'.  The dining room has now been totally remodeled (wonderfully), re-christened Waterside and features anytime and open seating.  The dining room tonight did not seem overly crowded.  Also, it looks like the speakers are all seated in the same general area.  We also have a wonderful waitress from the Czech Republic, Petra, and an equally wonderful head waiter, Vlad, who will work with us on our meals. 

We also ordered Apricot Sours before dinner and these drinks will probably be waiting for us at our table from now on. (Note: since I don't have the real time log, I don't have any detail on what we had for dinner - I can summarize by saying that, in between the regular menu items, we also ordered Kosher Meals (including rib eye steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, duck, and lamb chops.  On Friday nights, we also had a challah and some seriously good chopped liver.  Amazing)).

The sail away was late but we only had to cross the Rio de la Plate to our next destination,

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