Thursday, March 16, 2017

Wednesday, January 18, 2017 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean - Mostly Cloudy - 82F

Grand Princess is now on it’s eastern transpacific trek back to San Francisco

Since we are still close to the Islands, it is a beautiful and warm day at sea.



The View From Deck 15 Aft

Breakfast continues to be the most consistent meal – the waffles plus accompaniments and the biscuits keep on coming.  By far the best meal of the day on the ship.

This morning I am scheduled to speak at 11:30 AM in the Vista Lounge – “DNA Photofiting: A Genetic Eyewitness”.  I am going to have to change the title of this talk because the ship changed the title in the Patter to “DNA Photolifting”, which sounds like some kind of advanced cosmetic procedure.

The talk drew a full house – things were going along real well until my computer started to auto update during my talk so I had finish my talk with a borrowed computer.  Very annoying but the audience was very patient.  I had forgotten to put the computer on airplane mode so the unit was looking for an internet signal to complete its update. Lesson learned. 

Still warm outside so it was reading time on Deck 15.

Showtime tonight (8:00 PM) features old friend,  Heather Sullivan – Tonight she is doing her “Great Women Singers” Show.  The show was great and we met Heather after the show.  She had to think about where she knew us from but it all came back to her.  Danny is not traveling with her on this cruise.  We made tentative plans to have dinner together later in the cruise.


Heather Sullivan

To the room after the show.

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