Friday, March 17, 2017

Sunday, January 22, 2017 – At Sea / Ensenada, Mexico – Cloudy/Cold – 61F

Distance from Lahaina, Maui to Ensenada, Mexico: 2251 Nautical Miles (19.9 knots)

(Announcement from Captain – we will need to bypass Ensenada because of high winds and swells in the harbor – Star Princess had difficulty in the harbor and reported it unsafe.  Plan is to meet with the authorities at sea and sign Jones paperwork and then proceed to San Francisco.) 

I am scheduled to deliver talk no. 8 at 11:30 AM. “Forensic Detectives: The Life and Death of Pharaohs” is scheduled in the Explorer’s Lounge, which did not make the attendees happy.  Again, the place was full and people were sitting on the floor.  A lot of passengers simply did not want to put up with the situation and left (perhaps they will watch on TV).  On the plus side, we used a new VGA cable (not the crimped one) and the talk came off without any major glitches (the pinks and blues were a little difficult to see and some of the information on the ride side of the slide was cut off but I talked through it).

I took tuna sandwiches up to the buffet so I could get some salad.  That has worked out well several times during this cruise.  The tuna sandwiches are just about the best of all the cruise lines we have been on – imagine that.

Arrival at Ensenada was on time and instead of taking about 90 minutes (per the announcement), the ship was back underway in about 30 minutes.

I like visiting Ensenada (puts me in the minority among passengers I would imagine), but today would not have been a good day to do so – very cloudy and windy and probably drizzly.


Adios Ensenada

We had made tentative plans to have dinner with Heather Sullivan on Ensenada night but we had not heard from her.  When we got back to the room in the early afternoon, there was a message from Heather.  I called her back and we set up dinner plans for 6:15 PM in the Michelangelo Dining Room

Dinner with Heather was pleasant and we chatted on all sorts of topics including politics.  Heather said she tried to come to my talk earlier today but couldn’t get a seat.

After dinner, Ellen and I went to the Wheelhouse Lounge to read.  I am reading “In the Woods” by Tana French – a long detailed book (after reading “Echo Park” for the second time without knowing it).  The story takes place in Ireland but the idioms and conversations do not seem Irish at all (I’ve read other books using Ireland or Scotland as the location and you really get the feeling you are there – not so much with this book).

It is getting colder outside and the seas are kicking up a bit.  The Captain said to expect some chop along the way.

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