Thursday, March 23, 2017

Saturday–February 11, 2017 – At Sea – Entering Sea of Cortez – Cloudy - 71F


A beautiful day at sea as we turn the corner on Baja California and sail into the Sea of Cortez

I got someone to get me some sour cream for breakfast – odd sour cream but not yoghurt.  Complemented the waffle and cottage cheese perfectly and the iconic breakfast combo is complete.  Ate on the back deck again.

I got crazy and walked 20.5 laps on Deck 10 after breakfast (13 laps 1 Nautical Mile). There was very little wind and the temperature was perfect. 

An iced decaf latte kept me company in the Mosaic Cafe as I prepped for my next talk.

Talk Number 2 is scheduled for 2:00 PM.  “Forensics and History:  The Mystery of the Romanovs”  drew an audience of 270 plus.  A few passengers showed up early so I had a chance to chat with them before show time.


Getting Acquainted

The afternoon time slot is good because I have the morning to get ready and I have the time for a nice lunch.  The downside is that most of the afternoon is gone.  I try to get into my hanging out clothes quickly so I can optimize my Deck 5 quality time.

After a nice dinner in the Discoveries Dining Room, we attended the early show in the Cabaret Lounge.  We had never seen these guys before but Branden and James (Branden James and James Clark) were terrific.  James Clark played the Viola and Piano and Branden James supplied the vocals (and he is a terrific singer).  They had some cute banter between numbers.  The audience like them and so did we.


Branden and James

After the show, we spent a little time in the Mosaic Café (lattes and tea) and then in the Living Room with Simon.

Seas are smooth.

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