Friday, March 17, 2017

Monday, January 23, 2017 – At Sea –Pacific Ocean – Cloudy - 54F

Not as rocky as the Captain predicted.  Grand Princess is following the California Coastline through the Santa Barbara Channel to minimize chop.

The day started off with a nice breakfast up in Horizon Court but no time today for my mid morning iced decaf latte.

My final talk is scheduled for 10:00 AM in the Princess Theater – “Identifying the Famous and Infamous” – Richard III version. Good turnout – at least 40 people were in the theater when I got there at 9:25 AM.  Final attendance – about 75-80 percent full (about 500 people).  Instead of messing with my laptop, I told the AV guys to go get their PC and we would use that.  Their PC and my clicker worked OK (only glitch was the color was off).  Otherwise, the talk went well and ran about 45 minutes.  The crazy issue with the AV set up will remain a mystery.  I had a chance to talk with some of the attendees after the session – positive comments from all of them.  I thanked the AV tech when I finished for responding to the issues and working through them.  I would say that the series was successful despite some technical glitches.

My staff photographer caught the talk from all angles.


Had a tuna sandwich from the International Café for lunch.  They do have really good tuna.

It was cold and windy outside and chilly inside the ship (I wore my windbreaker).  We found a nice couch in the Crooner’s Bar (Deck 7) with a window and quiet.  Still reading “In the Woods” but I am growing weary of the long conversations – I am not sure I am going to finish this book. 

I documented the weather and deck conditions by braving the elements.  The ship sailed in and out of storms – and finally a rainbow.


California Coast (two above)


Storms in the Distance


A Rainbow at Last

We had planned to eat in Alfredo’s Pizzeria but would up having our final dinner in the Horizon Court.  We did get some pizza but from Prego’s on Deck 14 – I had to really hustle to get it to our table before it got cold. 

We spent some time in the Wheelhouse Lounge (the Latin group in there plays pretty softly so you can almost read).  At about 8:30 PM, we went to the theater to make sure we got decent seats for Heather’s second show. 

The audience wasn’t huge but she really put on a good show.  The audience loved the show.




Heather Sullivan

We met with Heather for a few minutes on Deck 7 – she had a lot of people picking up CDs – it was clear she really connected with the audience.  We said our goodbyes and went back to the room to finish packing.

The suitcases were out in the hall by 10:30 PM and we were hoping to get some rest.

Seas are semi-smooth but the creak is continuous.

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