Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thursday, January 19, 2017 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean - Partly Cloudy - 73F

Still pretty warm…so another nice day at sea.


Good Breakfast – Check.

Tried to reproduce the iconic picture from an earlier Grand Princess cruise.  The lighting (no sun) and stubborn hair did not help.


Iconic Fail

I had the whole morning off because I was scheduled at the mid-lunch time of 12:45 PM in the Explorer’s Lounge. “The Lost Dauphin of France” drew and overflow crowd (some sitting on floor) in this smaller venue(some people left because there were no seats).  This venue has no HDMI cable so we tried to used my HDMI VGA adapters – their VGA plug was warped so the tech tried to straighten it out with pliers.  It worked for a while then started “shorting out” – leaving me with a black screen.  The image that did come on intermittently was missing part of the right side.  After all of this was over, I checked out another VGA cable and it worked just fine.  Another tech mess and another patient and forgiving audience.


“The Lost Dauphin of France” got lost in the Tech

Comedian Gary DeLena was the headliner tonight in the Princess Theater.  We had seen him before and he was funny (observational humor).

We passed on Tommy Proulx – Flautist and instead decided to spend the time reading.

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