Thursday, March 23, 2017

Friday, February 10, 2017 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – Mostly Cloudy – 60s

Smooth seas last night.


Ship’s Position



Changing Weather at Sea

The first breakfast of the voyage – something I always look forward to - was in the Windows Café.  This ship also has waffles, cottage cheese, and preserves (in little bottles).  I will try to get sour cream tomorrow.  The scrambled eggs and oatmeal are also good.  Best of all, it was warm enough to eat outside on the back deck. 

I spent some of the morning tuning up my first talk, which is scheduled for the afternoon.  I also attended the first talk by Michael Hick, the Destination Speaker – he had a huge crowd.  (NOTE: Lou Minter is the Bridge Instructor; Watercolor artist Patricia Langewis and her husband, Cor, are also on this ship).

For lunch, I ordered a seared tuna wrap (no onion rings) from the Patio.  It was really good but I have to remember to get it well done next time.  The Patio also has another favorite of mine – pretzels (and ranch dressing).  Not today but tomorrow and probably everyday of the cruise.

Lee briefly introduced me at Talk 1 – “DNA Testing: Cold Cases Solved”, which was scheduled at 2:00 PM.  That is also the time slot when the watercolor and bridge are scheduled. I estimated that the theater was about 70 plus percent full – about 210 attendees (based on a 300 seating capacity estimate), which was good for a first talk.



“Cold Cases Solved”

Even though the weather was not great, we decided to try and get some steps in on Deck 10.  We did a few laps but had to stop because of the wind.


We Tried

Dinner in the Discoveries Dining Room consisted of Tomato Corn Chowder Soup (good), Green Salad (special order OK), Salmon (good) with Pea Risotto (strange), veggie empanadas (OK), Ricotta filled gnocchi (good), and Bananas Foster (a little too sweet).  We have great waiters, Javier and Joe.  The food comes quick and everything is correct.

Showtime tonight featured the first Production Show by the Quest Singers and Dancers (all of whom are from the US – Meg, DeAna, Ernest, and Jordan – this was the same cast that we saw our last time in the Quest in December).  The show, “Who Wrote the Songs”, recognizes noted composers and lyricists.  The show had to be modified due to an injury to the dance duo guy – this meant that the choreography changed so Hana could dance along and with other cast members.


Billy Joel


Dusty Springfield


Harold Arlen


and Barry Manilow

It’s a good show – we never get tired seeing it.

Finished evening with Simon in the Living Room – peaceful.

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