Thursday, March 16, 2017

Friday, January 20, 2017 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean –Mostly Cloudy - 70F

It is starting to get cool as we get closer to the West Coast.


I am back in the Vista Lounge at 1:30 PM for my next talk, “Forensics and History:  The Search for the Unknown Titanic Child”.  The tech went perfectly, which was a good thing for the SRO Audience.  The largest turnout on this cruise.

As I was sprinting from the Buffet to the Pizza place (to get their pizza as it comes out of the oven), I happened to catch the movie playing on the big screen – “Grease”.


The Captain made a special evening announcement.  He said that a storm system off the California coast was causing problems and that the ship will divert and head East and then turn North later (adding more than 200 nautical miles to trip) – he said there would be more information later.  Uh Oh…

We went to the theater at 8:00 PM to see David Pengelley – Comedian/singer/Ukulele player.  Very funny and entertaining.

We then sprinted to the Vista Lounge at 9:00 PM to see Jeff Burghart.  Jeff wasn’t nearly as funny this show and he had trouble connecting with the audience.

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