Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012 – At Sea – Atlantic Ocean – Cloudy – Rainy – 60s F

Another gray day at sea.

20121018 Ships Position (Small)

At Sea 10-18 (Small) At Sea 10-18 a (Small) 

I had my usual breakfast in the Oceanview Cafe, while Ellen ordered Room Service.'

IMG_20121018 Room Service (Small) 

At Sea – Bottom (from the Lawn Deck)

At 11:00 AM, we attended a tour of the ship’s art hosted by resident artist, Armando.  The studio is up on the Lawn Deck.

At Sea 10-18 - Lawn Deck (Small)

The Wet Lawn Deck

He took us to a number of works on various deck and explained the story behind the art.  One of those was a video of Loie Fuller (modern dancer), which runs continuously in the Oceanview Cafe (unnoticed by the diners).

Loie Fuller Video Art Tour (Small)

Today was Brunch Day in the Opus Dining Room – this time we passed on the brunch and had lunch in the Oceanview Cafe (very much quieter).  My latest favorite is the tuna-cheddar-tomato-onion-pickle panini. 

When I got to Celebrity Central for my 2:00 Talk 4 - “Search for the Unknown Titanic Child”, there was a movie running.  I ran into Greg from Entertainment who said the movie was running an hour late due to a talk running late this morning.  The decision was made to announce that the movie was being stopped and would run tomorrow.  While this was going on, the passengers were lined up waiting for the talk to begin.

20121018 Waiting in Line for Talk (Small)

The movie was stopped at 2:00 PM to the chagrin of the moviegoers.  After everyone got settled, the AV set up for a presentation, and the introduction by Entertainment, the actual start time was closer to 2:20 PM.  Attendance was SRO – 190 plus people with some sitting on the floor. The talk went well even though I might have rushed a bit at the end to make up for some of the delay.

Tonight  is formal night Number 2 – on the first formal night, I borrowed a jacket, which I never wore but draped over my chair.  Tonight, I didn’t ask for a jacket and there was no issue.

Formal Night 2 b (Small)

Formal Night 2 (Small)

Formal Night 2 in the Opus Dining Room

Tonight is Showtime Variety Time including reprise performances by Lindsay Hamilton, Haley Viloria (contortionist), and David Klinkenberg. 

David Klinkenberg put on a great segment – he has a nice soft banter between his numbers and his choice of music was great.  He also played a duet with a 15 year old kid from the audience (Vincent).  The song was one of Adele’s hits and the combination of piano and violin was perfect.

20121018 David Klinkengerg Showtime (Small)

David Klinkenberg

Haley Viloria, once again, did some amazing pretzel bending moves.  She is difficult to photograph as she is constantly moving and spinning.

20121018 Haley Viloria from US (Small)

Lindsay Hamilton closed the show with more amazing vocals.  She finished off her show with a duet with David - “The Prayer”.  David’s Viola played the part of Andrea Bocelli.  It was a terrific number and the show itself got a standing O. 

 20121018 Lindsay Hamilton (Small)

Linda Hamilton sings “Yentl”

  20121018 Lindsay Hamilton David K (Small) 20121018 Lindsay Hamilton David K1 (Small)

Let This Be Our Prayer…

We finished off the evening in the Ensemble Lounge listening to the Manny Kellough, Jazz, Guitar Vocalist Jefferson Ang, and Pianist Peter James.

The intermittent noise in our cabin continues to keep us from sleeping.  Maintenance and Engineering (especially Mr. Antonio from Croatia) are trying to locate the noise so they can fix it.  We may have to change cabins. 

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