Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Friday, November 2, 2012 – At Sea – Mostly Sunny – 70sF

20121102 ships position (Small)

A beautiful day at sea…

20121102 Starboard View   20121102 At Sea PM (Small) 

Breakfast on the back deck –no piped in music. The best breakfast on the cruise.

The whole morning was spent in the Solarium.  We opted out of the big brunch and instead had a wonderful breakfast on the back deck.  Warm, blue skies – this is one of the the things we like about cruising.

20121102 Lunch on the Deck

Lunch on the Back Deck

My final talk: “Identifying the Famous and Infamous” was at 3:00 PM in Celebrity Central.  The attendance was SRO – 200 plus.  I think everyone enjoyed the series.

After dinner in the Opus Dining Room (Ahi Tuna Asian Style – very good), we caught the brand new production show - “Momentum”.  It was a multi-media, techno pop heavy, dance intensive show.  The dancers on this ship are excellent – everyone of them is top notch.

20121102 Momentum (Small) 20121102 Momentum Tango (Small) 20121102 Momentum A (Small)


After the show, we stopped to get some ice water in the bar in the Casino.  They were playing my Titanic Child presentation on the TV next to CNN.  Amazing.

20121102 On TV in the Casino Titanic Child (Small)

On TV in the Casino Bar

Tomorrow, our first time in Slovenia.

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