Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012 – At Sea – Mediterranean Sea – Cloudy – Rainy – 60s F

A dreary day at sea…

The ship is hugging the coast of Spain.

20121020 At Sea a (Small)20121020 At Sea (Small)

A little later in the day, the skies cleared a bit

20121020 At Sea Clearing Up (Small)

Esperanza has scheduled a joint “Meet and Greet the Beyond the Podium Speakers” for 9:45 AM in Cellar Masters on Deck 4.  Considering the hour, very few people show up but it is still a nice way to chat with the passengers.

Cellar Masters is pretty high tech – you swipe your Sea Pass card and a machine will dispense a glass of your favorite wine.  No sommelier needed.

   20121020 Self Serve Wine Cellar Masters (Small)

Auto Wine Dispenser in Cellar Masters

We spent some of the morning in the Hideaway Lounge, where Ellen found the cage.

20121020 E in the HideAway Caage (Small)

Ellen in the Cage

Look closely and you can see me across the Foyer in the picture below (just below the left side of the tree).

IMG_20121020_044755 (Small) 

My final talk is scheduled for 3:15 PM.  “Identifying the Famous and Infamous” draws another capacity crowd.  A nice final found of applause capped off a successful lecture stint. The final talk was captured from several angles.

 IMG_20121020_080901 (Small) IMG_20121020_081002 (Small) IMG_20121020_081026 (Small)

Even though it is the last night of the cruise – when people are packing and the show is not the highlight of the evening – the Reflection pulled a switch and put on a brand new show - “Centre Stage”.  The show was not entirely new since the various Broadway tunes had been part of previous, similar shows.  Still the singing and dancing were terrific  The song selection was excellent – no duds tonight.  The show opened with the blond lead singer (she is great) singing “Let Me Be Your Star” from Smash.

20121020  Center Stage Show (Small)

Opening number from Centre Stage

20121020 Defying Gravity (Small)

Defying Gravity

20121020 Phantom 2 Love Never Dies (Small)

Love Never Dies (Phantom 2)

Jersey Boys and Girls (Small)

Jersey Boys and Girls

20121020 Les Mis Can you hear the People Sing (Small) IMG_20121020 Les Mis (Small)

Les Mis

20121020 Footloose Finale (Small)

Finale – Footloose

After the show, we went to the Ensemble Lounge to read and play Solitaire (below).

20121020 Solitaire in Ensemble Loung (Small)

We don’t have to pack.

We are not just hopping off and back on tomorrow,  We plan to spend the day in Barcelona.

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