Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012 – Provence (Toulon), France – Cloudy – 70 F

A nice day in the South of France…

20121022 Ships Position (Small)

Staying on the ship today – not feeling so hot so we are taking it easy and making this a “Sea Day”.

20121022 Toulon France (Small) 20121022 Toulon France 1 (Small)

Toulon from the Ship

The entire day was spent relaxing in the Solarium.  The outside decks were still a bit cool.

Showtime tonight featured the production show: “Centre Stage”.  We had seen this show just a few days ago but tonight it was a little different – some songs shortened and some of the choreography modified.

20121022 Centre Stage (Small) 

Opening Number: Centre Stage (Let Me Be Your Star)

20121022 The Wiz Adage Duo (Small)

The Wiz – Adagio Duo

20121022 Defying Gravity (Small)

OO – WE – OO – Defying Gravity

20121022 Phantom of the Opera (Small)

Phantom of the Opera Medley

20121022 Love Never Dies (Small)

Phantom 2 – Love Never Dies

20121022 Les Mis (Small) 20121022 Les Mis a (Small)

Les Miserables – Can You Hear the People Sing?

20121022 Finale Footloose (Small) 

Finale – Everybody Cut - Footloose

Big day in Cannes tomorrow…

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