Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Saturday, October 13, 2012 – Bruges, Belgium – Rain – 57F

Distance from Amsterdam to Zeebrugge (Bruges): 149 Nautical Miles

A day for ducks in Bruges – rainy, gray, and cool. 

Windmills in Zeebruge (Small) Zeebruge Belgium (Small) Zeebruge Belgium 1 (Small)

The seas were smooth last night but we did our bow-thruster wake up call this morning at about 7:00 AM.  It took over an hour to maneuver the ship to the pier.

I thought I would give the Opus Dining Room a try for breakfast – Oatmeal, Spanish Omelet, Belgian Waffles (but, of course) with Cottage Cheese.  Not as quiet as I thought it would be.  The waffles were good and the coffee was easier to come by.  

All the tours to Bruges were sold out so we will need to figure out another plan for the day – knowing that I have to be back here by 3:30 PM or so – my first talk is at 5:00 PM this afternoon.

We were going to take the Shuttle ($15.00 pp day pass) to the nearby resort town but when we got off the ship it was pouring.  That plan was scuttled and now we are in the Solarium staring out at the gray skies and falling rain.

The ship is not as empty as I thought it would be based on the number of passengers in the Oceanview Cafe.  A quick lunch of tuna, salad, and soup and back to the Solarium. 

My first talk of the cruise - “The CSI Phenomenon” – is scheduled at 5 PM in Celebrity Central.  This is just after we push.  Tonight is also Formal Night #1 so folks will need to get dressed for dinner.

(Seating capacity in Celebrity Central: approximately 190 – some temporary seats are brought in)

The crowd was modest – about 30 to 40 – including a couple who sailed with me on the Solstice in February.  Even thought have heard almost all of the material, they are going to come to all of the talks.  The crowd was enthusiastic and engaged and they were fans of the CSI Shows.  A few folks stayed afterwards to ask questions and share some information.

Dinner was in the Opus Dining Room(Black Salmon – Cobia tonight – not on a plank but just broiled with BBQ sauce) and we had a fine window seat to view the sail away.

Pilot from Zeebruge (Small)

Pilot Boat (waiting for Pilot to depart Reflection)

The ship travelled through some storms including a dramatic one, which actually generated a waterspout (a water borne tornado).  The waterspout did not last long (they never do) and they rarely are dangerous.

Sailaway Zeebruge and Waterspount (Small)


Top: Storm; Bottom: Waterspout

We took in the show after dinnner.  Showtime tonight is a brand new show with a familiar name: “Reflection: The Show”.  It turned out to be a brand new show in reality – about a kid they pulled from the audience who goes through a transition to a rock star.  The story was difficult to follow but the music was interesting and the costumes wild and the dances were unique.  The aerialist and contortionists were both amazing and scary.

 Reflection the Show (Small) Reflection the Show 1 (Small)

Aerialists at work

Reflection the Show 2 (Small) 

Tomorrow – Paris…

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