Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sunday, October 28, 2012 – At Sea – Partly Cloudy -Windy – 77 F

A bumpy night and a bumpy day…

Finally, after all of those ports, a relaxing day at sea.

20121028 Ships Position (Small)

Most of the day was spent in the Solarium – the quietest location on the ship.

20121028 Hugging Land (Small)

Coast of Greece

20121028 Bumpy Ride (Small)  

Choppy Ride

20121028 Its windy out there (Small)

Windy on Deck – Greece in Background

My Second talk: “Cold Cases Solved” – is scheduled for 3:00 PM – Celebrity Central – Good Attendance – 180 plus

Post talk – Solarium

The second formal night snuck up on us – we walked into the Opus Restaurant in casual gear and no one said a word.  We noticed that a lot of people were dressed.  We now know that “Cocktail” means Formal Night.

Showtime: “Reflection – The Show”  - we had seen in earlier so we spent the time in the Foyer or in the Ensemble Lounge.

Tomorrow we are in Turkey.

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