Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011 – Rome, Italy, Mostly Sunny - 86F

A beautiful day in Roma…

Slept like rocks – the upside of jet lag.

Breakfast at the hotel was very good – scrambled eggs, cheeses, cereal, all sorts of different kinds of coffee, mini-doughnuts and pastries.  The breakfast room was also very nice (the restaurant).

We are too tired to take our day trip to Orvieto today, so we will try to go to the Kosher restaurant near the Circo Massimo.  It was a good plan until we got to the subway stop only to find it closed.  We finally found out that today was the day of the country wide strike to protest austerity measures – no subways, trains, ferries, domestic air travel, mail deliver, and other services.  I don’t know what other people did but we decided to walk to the City Center. 

Our route took us along the Viale del Policlinico (below)

policlinico wall (Small)

then along the Viale del Castro Pretorio (the area where we stayed the last time we spent time in Rome), to Termini and then to Via Cavour.  Our journey ended at the Santa Maria Maggiore Cathedral (below).

  Santa Maria Maggiore (Small)

Santa Maria Maggiore 1 (Small)

We walked around the area a little to take in the interesting buildings including one where one lucky owner had the only outdoor space in the place (below).

 Outdoor space in rome (Small)

We had lunch at one of the many places that serve pizza by weight (12 Euros/kg).  The pizza was pretty good. By the way, gas is about $8 a gallon.

We eventually wound up going to the Sunbeam Solarium off Cavour and got two fabulous massages (the same place we visited two years ago and the prices were still the same). 

We retraced our route back to the hotel, stopping only for blizzards at the McDs in Termini Station. 

Total steps (round trip): 13,793 (6.76 miles, 698 calories).

After resting in the room for a while, we went out for a stroll – it was warm and lovely. 

Our plans to go to Orvieto may change for tomorrow.  We’ll see.

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