Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011 – Messina, Sicily- Sunny – 85F

A beautiful day on the Italian island of Sicily…

No tours today as we have been here twice before and taken the tours offered.  Instead, we are going to walk the city and check out the stores and shops before the city goes on its afternoon siesta.

Messina Harbor (Small) 

Messina Harbor from the Mariner OTS

Messina Harbor 1 (Small) 

Messina Harbor 2 (Small)

Mainland Italy in the Distance

We concentrated on the upscale area near the main shopping street.  We were unable to find any Internet Hotspots of Internet Cafes so we could not check on things back home.  We did, however, get in a nice walk.  Soon we were back on the ship.

The rest of the day was spent reading in the Solarium.

We had dinner in the Windjammer Cafe. 

We watched the sail away while having dinner.

 Messina Sail Away (Small)

Messina Sail Away 1 (Small)

Messina Sail Away

Showtime Tonight” “Front Row” – First Production Number by the Royal Caribbean Singers (two guys and two girls) and Dancers.  Again, the choice of songs was mysterious.  One of the girls sang both “With One Look” and “I Dreamed a Dream”.  She had a good voice but all I can say is don’t mess with the original phrasing and pace.

Still looking for entertainment in the lounges.

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