Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011 – Kusadasi, Turkey – Sunny – 82F

Another nice day in the resort city of Kusadasi…

Kusadasi Harbor 1 (Small)

Kusadasi Harbor (Small)

Kusadasi and Harbor from Mariner OTS

We are not planning to take any excursions today – seen the sites a number of times.  Instead, we are going to walk around the city, check out the Bazaar and then spend some time on line at the Starbucks by the pier. 

Kusadasi Bazaar 1 (Small)   Kusadasi Bazaar 2 (Small) 

Kusadasi Bazaar (two photos above)

Ellen checked out the bargains at the Bazaar (below).

E Kusadasi Bazaar (Small)

You can always gauge the local economy by the cost of an ice cream cone.  The cones below were 1 Turkish Lira (TL).  That’s 40 Eurocents or about 56 cents – a true bargain.

Conos Kusadasi (Small)

The cones were a bargain – didn’t get one though

 Marine OTS from Kusadasi (Small)  

The Mariner of the Seas Docked at Kusadasi

We were able to get the UN and PW from a nice server at the Starbucks at the pier so we did go on line and check our e-mails and communicate with everyone back home.  The only problem was finding a place with minimal cigarette smoke.  Outside worked the best.

Kusadai Starbucks (Small)

On Line at Starbucks

Attaturk Kusadasi (Small)

Ataturk still watching over Kusadasi

The sail away from Kusadasi was beautiful including a wonderful sunset.

Kusadasi Sailaway Sunset (Small) Kusadasi Sailaway (Small)

Kusadasi Sail Away

The big event for the evening took place in the Schooner Bar, where Darren was joined by Kieron Buffery (Cruise Director) for a sing-along.  Kieron plays the guitar and sings pretty well.  The crowd was huge and everyone including us sang along to what we knew and faked the rest.

Kieran Darren Singalong 1 (Small)

Kieran Darren Singalong (Small)

Kieran Darren Singalong 2 (Small)

The Kieron and Darren Show

It was a lot of fun – so much so that we stayed well past midnight.

Smooth seas…

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