Friday, September 23, 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011 – Rome,Italy – Sunny – 84F

Embarkation Day

Our plan to get to the ship is to pull our wheelies to the Policlinico M Station (about 5 blocks) – take the Metro to Roma Termini – get our tickets for the Trenitalia train to Civitavecchia and hop the Port bus to the ship. 

It pretty much went like plan – the fare to Civitavecchia was 4.5 Euro per person (2nd Class).  You buy the tickets from a vending machine.  The train had AC and was very comfortable.  Our luggage went in an overhead rack and not in the aisles like the last time we tried this.  The only downside was the incredibly long walk from the terminal to the train (literally a mile or so).

 Roma Termini waiting for train to Civi (Small)

Waiting for our train in Roma Termini Station

We arrived in Civitavecchia about 11:30 AM and pulled our wheelies another 10 block to the port entrance – a short wait in the hot bus and soon we had checked our bags and were checked in.  Lunch was in the Windjammer Cafe (roughage heavy).  From the ship, we saw our old friend, the Celebrity Solstice (Ian’s ship).  I suppose we would have been on that ship if the itinerary had fit our schedule.

Solstice in Civi Harbor (Small)

Celebrity Infinity Docked at Civitavecchia

The Royal Promenade was similar to that on similar Voyager Class Ships.

Grand Promenade (Small)

Our cabin, 6115, is on the double interior corridor on deck 6.  The destination speaker is in a nearby cabin.  It is dark and claustrophobic (and very difficult to get out of the bed – very tight clearance) but it is quiet since it is a short corridor. 

I met with Jeanette Simpson, the Program Activities Director, who told me that I would only give three 45 minute lectures.   They would be in the Lotus Lounge in the afternoon on three of the four sea days.

Civi Sail Away (Small)

Sail Away - Civitavecchia

 Sculpture Grand Promenade (Small)

Zodiac Installation in the Promenade

 Outside the Lotus Lounge (Small)

The Guardians of the Lotus Lounge

What art is this (Small)

The ship has some cool artwork (the theme seems to be transportation – planes, trains, and automobiles) including plates and cups turned into works of art (sliced and glued plates, above).

 Sunset 9-8 (Small)

Sunset on our first night

Savoy Theater (Small)

The Welcome Aboard Show was in the Savoy Theater.  The show involved an acrobatic couple. 

We can hear the percussion sounds from the bands playing in the Lotus Lounge (directly beneath us).

The ear plugs help.

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