Tuesday, November 30, 2021

November 10, 2021 – St. Kitts – Mostly Sunny – 85F

Not a great sleeping night – wasn’t the iced tea (half glass) or decaf coffee (half cup).  And again, you can't blame the bed - I think we even got new sheets today (we might get them every day - it's hard to tell). 

I got some pictures of our arrival into Basterre, St. Kitts this morning from our cabin.

I was up early enough to take a shower before breakfast.  I had a little less of everything this morning – Still the standard WCCSCJ and scrambled eggs but half portions. I just wasn't that hungry, I guess. I still had a great view from my favorite seat and I watched 
the arrival of the Carnival Freedom.

I brought Ellen her breakfast this morning – hardboiled egg, lox, cucumbers, watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew melon.  And tea, of course.  

Did something quite different this morning – we went to the Rooftop Garden to see “Mulan” on the big screen.  I really liked the movie – I am into kung fu type movies.  This Disney live action film was quite good – if a little predictable – and the stunt work was, of course, top flight.  We also got very comfy seats in the shade - couldn't ask for any more except maybe for popcorn.  I was tempted to get another Pina Collada but it was kind of early for that.

Lunch today, because we are in port, is in the Oceanview Cafe. A lot of passengers are off exploring St. Kitts so it's not very crowded.

I had salad (lot of good stuff on the salad bar and great Ranch dressing) and pizza with caramelized onions and goat cheese (as good as any fancy pizza place). Ellen had cheese pizza and a little bit of tuna salad and tabbouleh.  Lunch was really good.  Apex might have one of the best salad bars at sea and their system of dispensing to passengers works so well, I think the salad bar moves faster.

My leg has really been bothering me so I spent time after lunch setting up another appointment with an orthopedist.  Since I have no phone service, we texted back and forth on the Northshore connect website.  Hoping I was successful in getting a time - this group of docs is so busy that getting an appointment within two months is a miracle.  I tried to stress how acute my situation.  Some options did come up but they didn't work that well - I'll try to get a better appointment when I get back.  

We spent the afternoon in Eden reading and then to the room to settle down before dinner.

Before we got back, I was able to get a great panoramic shot of St. Kitts.

Tonight, we decided to have dinner in the Oceanview Café.  The pasta station is doing a good job of labeling their sauces as vegetarian and the chef is very good at making sure that he keeps it kosher.  I had the spaghetti with marina sauce – it sounds plain but the sauce as really good. I wasn’t that hungry so I just had some watermelon along with that.  A simple but tasty dinner.  Ellen had the tilapia.

The theater is hosting the second Production Show, “Tree of Life”.  This is a special effects heavy show but the music volume was in the goldilocks zone (not too loud and not too soft).  I only recognized two of the musical numbers (“Fields of Gold”).  The story was hard to follow but the LED effects were amazing – there was also theatrical snow falling on the audience and when they put rain on the screen it really felt like it was raining.  It’s an amazing show.


After the show, Lauren have me a great plug for tomorrow's lecture.  She has really been supportive of the Beyond the Podium program.

We were pretty tired so we headed to the comfort of our room.

Seas are a little rockier as we head back to Ft Lauderdale.

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