Thursday, February 6, 2020

May 19, 2019 - San Franciso, CA - Mostly Cloudy - 60s

Our journey has come to an end.

A smooth sail to SF and a quick breakfast up in Terraces.

We walked off with our luggage on this cruise and made our way through immigration quickly (just a "welcome back" from the agent).

We took a cab that cost us $32, a reasonable amount for the 15 miles or so from the pier to SFO.  We were at the airport around 10 AM.

Our flight, AA2634, departs SFO at 2 PM so we have quite a while at the airport.  We found those very comfortable seats adjoining the gift shop near Gate D11 (plugs and relative quiet) and made that our home.  Ellen had prepared some food courtesy of Oceania, and along with an overpriced diet coke and chips from the gift shop, made for a very nice lunch.

When we went to the gate, which was very close, I noticed a plane that had TWA on its tail and AA on the fuselage.  Since TWA hasn't flown in years, this aircraft had to be some kind of throwback version.

Our 737-800 took off on time - we are in roomy seats but not aisle across - 7C and 8C.  I had to set up separate itineraries for us and couldn't get seats together.  That did not prove to be an issue.

The flight was uneventful and the bags appeared on the carousel and we were home.

A very nice cruise on the Oceania Regatta.

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