Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Sunday, March 11, 2018 – At Sea – Caribbean Sea – Sunny and Breezy – 70sF

IMG_20180311_At sea

A beautiful day at sea.

It’s Daylight Savings day in the US and not hearing anything about clock changes, I left all of our chronographs where they were.

I got up later than usual – 7:40 AM – but I saw that our cabin phone said 6:40 AM – I waited until 7:00 AM on the room phone and asked Passenger Services what time it was and it was indeed 7:00 AM. Still confused as to what happened – our phones are on airplane mode and our Kindle WIFI's are off – to the time. Did the ship move its clocks back and hour. We will never know. Based on the Sun, I think our clocks are right. Mute point.

I had a nice breakfast in the Oceanview Café – because of the time confusion, there were fewer people up there and I actually was first in line to get a fried egg.

I went through my talk for today up in the Spa Café – the best place to work because it has a view, nice tables and chairs, and coffee is only about 10 feet away. Perfect. I fixed some glitches in the talk and deemed it ready for today.

Just before the breakfast setup closed in the Oceanview Café, Ellen and I went up for lox and herring. The herring is too savory for breakfast for me but as a brunch item, delicious. That would do it for lunch for today.

Eddy was giving a talk on his favorite itineraries in the Theater right before me so I stayed there for a while.

My talk today at 12:00 Noon in Celebrity Central is “Extreme Forensics: Non-Human DNA Testing”. I had another SRO crowd (actually while there were two deep standing in the back, there were about five or so empty seats on the side (no one sits there because you can’t see). So the venue was full. The talk took exactly 45 minutes to complete and all of the new stuff I added since I gave this talk the last time worked very well. Very happy with the new version.

We spent the afternoon in the Solarium. I finished “Late Show” and started “The Forgotten Room” by Lincoln Childs. This is another book in the Jeremy Logan (enigmalogist) series, of which I have already read two. I wonder if Michael Connelly’s new character, Renee Ballard, will have a series like Bosch. She’s interesting but not in a way Harry Bosch was.

Tonight is the second of three “Evening Chic” nights. I got in the spirit by wearing my sports coat to dinner and the theater. We had a wonderful dinner in the Dining Room (at table 416). Cesar Salad, Ahi Tuna, and Pappardelle Prima Vera.

The show tonight is the Production Show, “Amade” – something to do with Mozart. There were lots of songs I didn’t know, interesting choreography, snappy costumes, and lots of people flying around. I didn’t get the story at all but the performers put a lot of energy into it.

IMG_20180311_Amade 3IMG_20180311_Amade 5IMG_20180311_Amade 6IMG_20180311_Amade 7IMG_20180311_Amade


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