Monday, July 2, 2018

Saturday, March 10, 2018 – Bridgetown, Barbados – Partly Cloudy – 85F

IMG_20180310_docked Bridgetown

Docked at Bridgetown

Barbados, a mostly coral island, is the easternmost island of the West Indies.

We have been here just recently so we are making this a “sea day on board”. We will have the ship to ourselves again.

Nice breakfast, even though it was a bit crowded since most of the ship was going off on excursions.

I spent the morning up in the Solarium relaxing at staring out at Bridgetown and the Island.

Today, we had lunch in the Spa Café. Tuna Salad and Salmon Salad along with spinach salad. My favorite items are the sesame breadsticks. Just a peaceful place to eat.

Our tastiest snafu of the day was getting some cheesecake from the Baccio Café at around 3 PM, which essentially ruined dinner for us. The cheesecake was really good.

We had reservations in the Dining Room tonight – they offered Sea bass, pasta with mushroom sauce and another pasta with goat cheese and spinach. Still stuffed from the cheesecake, so I had appetizer portions of both pastas. I tried the veggie consommé – very plain. We’ll try to wiser next time with our mid afternoon desserts.

Tonight’s entertainer was Chicago born, LA pianist singer – Liam Ryder – funny but loud and very animated – told some interesting stories and some not so interesting.

IMG_20180310_Liam Ryder

Liam Ryder

The decibel level – for me – reduced the enjoyment level. Did his version of “Hallelujah” – lots of feeling but I couldn’t understand much of the lyrics – but that’s his style.

After the show, we went up the Oceanview Café for a snack.  They were offering freshly made Coconut Milk right out of the coconut.  I had never tried it before and I gave it a go.  Never again – it was kind of watery, salty, and other stuff.  I don’t understand what people see in it – personal taste, I guess.

IMG_20180310_coconut water ugh

Coconut Milk – First and Last Time

As is our pattern, we caught Passion Duo and Michael Redden back in the Ensemble Lounge. Again, the lounge was essentially empty and we got the couch right in front of the entertainers. Passion Duo repeated many of their previous songs and Michael Redden put together a very depressing set. Again, though, that is Michael’s thing and he is really into it when he gets on that train.

Looking forward to a sea day tomorrow after all of these islands.

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