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Sunday, December 10, 2017 – At Sea (Caribbean Sea) – warm 80sF

Another beautiful day at Sea.

After breakfast – I once again managed to get sour cream delivered to my table – I went to the Galaxy Lounge to see Louis Beres talk about “Israel’s Nuclear Strategy and US Security”. Israel’s strategy had not changed since the last time I hear this talk but he did throw in some current event ditties that caused both chuckles and groans in the audience.  Louis has no fear.  His lectures are always interesting and his humor is dry and subtle.

Another nice lunch in the Lido Café – maybe a pizza to order this time.

At 1:30 PM, we both attended Scott McCollum’s lecture on Broadway. 

IMG_20171210_Kevin McCollum(1)

Scott is a prolific producer and his session was mostly a Q and A session.  We learned quite a bit on how Broadway Shows are funded.

It was breezy on the verandah but that didn’t deter us from spending time there reading.

IMG_20171210_windy on the veranda(1)

A Bit Breezy

Dinner in the Crystal Dining Room was off the menu and very good.

The show tonight was the second production show, “Curtain Call” – Broadway and West End Classics. Very entertaining show.

IMG_20171212_Curtain Call All that Jazz(1)

“All That Jazz”

IMG_20171212_Curtain Call Dont Cry for Me Argentina(1)

“Don’t Cry for me, Argentina”

IMG_20171212_Curtain Call ABBA medley 1IMG_20171212_Curtain Call ABBA medley 2(1)

“Mama Mia” Medley

IMG_20171212_Curtain Call bows(1)

Taking their Bows

The wind died down so we spent the evening on the balcony – Ellen reading and me just looking at the sky and sea.

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