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Friday, December 15, 2017 – Terre-de-Haut, Guadeloupe FWI – Mostly Sunny – 87F

NoteMy phone camera had a “mini-stroke” in Barbados and has not been very reliable ever since – the issue is with the SD card.  A lot of pictures of Terre-de-Haut weren’t retrievable.

Crystal Serenity is at anchor today off the island of Terre-de-Haut, one of tiny islands comprising the Des Saintes archipelago. The island is so small that it is sometimes omitted from maps of Guadeloupe. It’s very picturesque here with the ship surrounded by tree covered islands and islets. From the ship, we can also see the tiny Ilet a Cabrit, and the larger Terre-de-Bas. The tenders are taking passengers to the town of Bourg des Saintes. The population of the archipelago is just under 1700. From here you can also see the larger islands of Guadeloupe, Basseterre (I believe).

IMG_20171215_Ilet a CabritIMG_20171215_Ilet a cabrit 1

Ilet a Cabrit (and Basseterre maybe)

We weren’t going to go ashore (there are no excursions on this stop – a first for our cruising history) but the town looked interesting so mid-morning we tendered ashore. The town is indeed picturesque with narrow streets – there are almost no cars and everyone seems to get around either on motorcycles, scooters, or electric golf carts. The official language is French and it is spoken here – some of the shop owners can speak a little English. Prices are in Euros.

We checked out the town – you just have to keep an eye out for motorcycles.  We came  across a monument that commemorates the founding of the town – 350 years ago.

IMG_20171215_350 anniversary of terre de haut

Terre-de-Haut Monument

We found a nice church and park area (with an interesting Chinese sailor statue).  I’ve not been able find out any background information on the Chinese Statue.

IMG_20171215_Chinese sailor statue 2

IMG_20171215_park in Bourg des SaintesIMG_20171215_Chinese sailor statue

City Park and Chinese Statue

The heat convinced us to return to the ship.

After lunch, we spent a wonderful shade filled and cool breezed afternoon on our balcony.

A passing shower provided some very interesting shots of rainbows.

IMG_20171215_terre de haute rainbow 2IMG_20171215_terre de haute rainbow

We also watched the sail away from our balcony.

IMG_20171215_terre de haut sail away 1IMG_20171215_terre de haut sail outIMG_20171215_terre de haute sail away 3

Terre-de-Haut Sail Away (the town is in the distance)

After Chanukah candle lighting number 4 and Friday night service, we had a wonderful Kosher dinner in the Dining Room. Challah, chopped liver, two polish sausages (no buns – not kosher) and a duck with wild rice and mushrooms. The dinner was wonderful and we ordered another Kosher meal for tomorrow.

IMG_20171215_Shabbat Challah

IMG_20171215_Happy Chanukah

Happy Chanukah

We passed on the show tonight (classical piano concert) but went to the 9:30 PM “Spot Show” in the Stardust Lounge “Rock and Pop A-Mania” – starring the Crystal Ensemble Singers and Dancers and featured vocalists, Lauren Heavner and Carl Drapper. Loud but very energetic show – the dancers were terrific.

IMG_20171215_Rock Pop a Mania 1IMG_20171215_Rock Pop a Mania 2IMG_20171215_Rock Pop a Mania 3IMG_20171215_Rock Pop a Mania 4IMG_20171215_Rock Pop a Mania 5IMG_20171215_Rock Pop a Mania

Rock and Pop-A-Mania

To our balcony for quiet reading time.

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