Thursday, June 22, 2017

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 – At Sea – Atlantic Ocean – Eastern Seaboard – Partly Cloudy – Pleasant

Tough night – back was bothering me all night.

Yet a very nice day at sea.

Beautiful Day on the Ocean

Shook up breakfast this morning – scrambled omelet with onions, peppers, and tomatoes plus a grapefruit, tiny amount of oatmeal, and a toasted bagel.  My second breakfast consisted of a cranberry muffin and iced decaf skinny latte.  You can’t get anything but counter service in the Bistro until 9:00 AM so I am eating the muffin and drinking the coffee while writing this on a comfy sofa in the very back of the Starlite Lounge.

I stuck with my plan and attended Steve’s Lecture on “Broadway and the Movies”.

After that, we had planned to spend most of the day on the open back decks.  There was only one problem – flies.  I don’t know where they came from – our last port was Charleston – but the back decks were full of annoying flies (the big kind).  We tried both deck 8 and 9 – both infested – so we had to abandon the best part of the day (being outside) for the Palm Court. 

Lunch was in the Lido Café and today the theme was Greek.  The only item related to the them was the very good Greek Salad.

In the afternoon, I visited the Concierge to work out our plans for getting around Manhattan tomorrow.  She worked out Uber prices to Midtown and to the 9/11 Memorial.  We had maps and prices so we were all set.

We also were in the Palm Court during Tea Time - Shoresound Duo was up there - very pleasant.

Harry Bullen and Terri-Ann Prendergast - Shoresound Duo 

We had dinner (off the menu) in the Crystal Dining Room.  The soup was the best part of the meal.  The ship continued its soup winning streak.

Tonight’s show – “Speakeasy” – at 8:45 PM is new to us.  The ship really did a number on this show by using facades to turn the Galaxy Lounge into a speakeasy.  They even had guys in zoot suits manning the doors asking for the password.  Once inside, there were flappers hanging around and activity going on on the stage.  The show was very good with some fine dance numbers and some vintage songs. 

Pre-Show - Flappers

Lead Singers

Audience Participation

We went up to the Palm Court to wind down – the guitarist was up there this evening playing some mellow songs I didn’t recognize.

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