Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Monday, May 8, 2017 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – Drizzly – 80s

Another shaky night…

I went back to my standard breakfast – grapefruit with brown sugar, waffle with cottage cheese, sour cream (from the galley), and preserves.  The coffee kept coming this morning.  One very nice thing they do with the grapefruit halves - they replenish the juice with grapefruit juice so no one gets a dry fruit.  Class.

Before the first lecture of the morning at 10:00 AM – “Virtual Tour of the Panama Canal Transit” – I stopped by the Bistro to get an iced decaf mocha skinny latte (only the second one in over a week). 

I stayed for Rick Senat’s second lecture on Warner Bros and sound in movies.  His talks are continuous so he can stop at any time and pick up where he left off the next time.

Lunch was in the Lido Café Buffet, which for some reason, was configured in a totally different layout than previous days.  All the salad types were in huge bowls as were the dressings.  Many of the items normally on the salad bar were missing (for me the garbanzo beans). I got a scoop of tuna from the Trident Grill – the tuna today was remarkably good.  I also informed one of the supervisors that one of the cooks in the Trident Grill was wearing only one glove – he came back later to tell me that he took care of the problem (kudos to the ship's management for the quick action).  The ship is being a lot more vigilant posting people at the hand sanitizers so my comment was timely and important.  Rick Senat came over and sat next to us, which started a 45 minute discussion of WB Superhero movies (Superman and Batman).  A very interesting lunch.

At 1:30 PM, we went to hear Steve Fickinger in the Hollywood Theater.  He is a theatrical producer for Disney so he talked about The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, etc.  He is a UCLA graduate.

Tonight is Black Tie Optonal Night and also the Crystal Society Party.  We got dressed up before attending the 5:00 PM show in the Galaxy Lounge.  It was a second Songwriter’s Circle plus Q and A.  At the end, Artie Butler, Alan Roy Scott, and Allan Dennis Rich each sang a song.  Alan Scott sang a great song called “Gone but Not Forgotten” – commissioned for a late friend of a friend.  Allan Rich sang “Run to You” a second time and it still sounded great.

Alan Roy Scott

Allan Rich

We had Dinner at Prego for our third time – I asked the waiter is they could prepare Fetuccini Alfredo with some grilled salmon.  They were able to do that so that dish along with the Cesar Salad and Mushroom Soup (so much better tonight) made for a perfect dinner.

We went to the Crystal Society Party – this time it was in the Crystal Plaza and included a Red Carpet for picture taking. 

Red Carpet Pre-Show

It was a little difficult to get seats in the Crystal Plaza proper - Ellen did find a seat near the open floor and we did stay there for a while. 

Crystal Society Party

We moved to the next deck up to take pictures of the event.

Linda, Fern, and Lainie Kazan

Broadway Boys

Lainie Kazan and Paul McFarland

The picture sessions were commandeered by the Hollywood and Theater types.  Lainie Kazan was there looking more like herself and taking pictures with passengers.

From the party, we went to the Galaxy Lounge for the Production Show – “Curtain Call”.  “Speakeasy” had been scheduled for this evening but one of the performers was ill so they switched the order.  We have seen this show before but Carina Karcher, the female singer (there are only two lead singers) is really good.  She did an excellent job on “Don’t Cry for me Argentina” and “Memory”. 

All That Jazz

Oh What a Circus, Oh What a Show

Too much sensory overload from the show, so we called in a day and went to the room to decompress.

Hoping for calms seas and calm ships.

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