Sunday, June 25, 2017

Thursday, May 18, 2017 – Manhattan, New York – Mostly Sunny – 90F

Distance from Charleston to New York City – 614 Nautical Miles

Total Distanced Sales – 5,580 Nautical Miles / 6,416 Land Miles

The ship is docked at Pier 90 at the Manhattan Cruise Terminal.  You can walk right off the ship and explore Manhattan. All you need to do is start off in the right direction.

We have a plan today.

We are going to meet my niece for lunch at Roberta’s Pizza in Midtown.  Our plan was to Uber to the Times Square area but after checking the mileage involved, we determined that we could actually walk there (as long as we found enough shade).

We started out after breakfast (standard including sour cream).  The Manhattan Cruise Terminal is very accessible to the street so once we were out of the terminal, we started East on 49th Street.  I had Google Nav as our source but the app actually was more confusing than helpful.  I eventually abandoned it. 

We ran into an interesting fountain on our journey - the fountain was located in a very nice outdoor mall area.

Ellen and the Fountain

Our route took us to Broadway Street with its solid line of theaters.


We also found Times Square – the highlight being (as least for me) were the huge posters for the upcoming “Wonder Woman” movie. 

Times Square

What Do They Do With These Afterwards?

One of the interesting sights at Times Square was Duffy SquareFather Francis P. Duffy was an infantry chaplain in World War I.  He often accompanied litter carriers and helped bring wounded soldiers to safety.  Father Duffy was the most decorated cleric in the history of the US Army.

Father Duffy Statue

I expected Times Square to be a bit more crowded but it wasn't - that kept the random people out of our pictures.

Iconic Broadway Productions

Can't Wait for the Movie to Open

A few of the crazies were out today - including a slimmed down Cookie Monster, who photobombed my picture.

"Cookie, cookie"

On our way to lunch we walked by and spent a little time in Bryant Park.  The park, named after newspaper editor and abolitionist, William Cullen Bryant, is a privately maintained public park.  It is located between 5th and 6th avenue in Midtown Manhattan.  The park has free WiFi and there are plenty of chairs for sitting and reading.

Bryant Park

We got a little turned around on our walking plan so we resorted to asking directions in one of the hotels.  The directions we got were a little confusing but we did find Vanderbilt Avenue – Roberta’s Pizza was on Vanderbilt.  We did find the restaurant – it was located in a indoor food mall (along with a dozen other eateries).  The place was hot, crowded, and noisy.  I texted my niece and suggested we go to the Grand Market – a Panera like place with sandwiches and salads.  We eventually all got together for lunch – tuna sandwich for me and a quinoa breakfast item for Ellen.  The lunch was so so but it did hit the spot. 

Lunch in Manhattan

After lunch, we thought we would head back over to the Times Square/Broadway area to see if we could find the Stephen Colbert Theater.  As we started there, we noticed that many of the streets were cordoned off by Police Cars.  There were also News Trucks and reporters doing reports on something.  When we asked, we were told that there was a car accident (we also heard someone utter “bomb”).  We decided to head the other way toward 50th Street, which would lead us back Pier 90. 

What is going on?

We found out later that a crazy person mowed down pedestrians killing one teenage tourist and injuring 24 others.  We were just on that street less than an hour ago. 

We got back to the ship about 12,000 steps later.  We cooled off in our stateroom with a beer and a coke. 

We got ready for dinner – we have a final reservation in Prego for 7:00 PM – and went up to the Palm Court to get a drink before dinner.  We said goodbye to our new ship friends, the Shoresound Duo.

View From Palm Court

Dinner in Prego was nice – a window seat finally.  The best part of the meal was the Cesar Salad and Mushroom Soup.  I also tried the new item on the menu – Pan Fried Red Snapper – along with sides of Fetuccini Alfredo and the pasta of the day – rotelli in creamy tomato sauce with goat cheese (the best item on tonight’s dinner).  I was so thirsty I had four iced teas.

After dinner, we tried the back decks one more time – no flies (their final destination must have been New York). 

View from the Back Deck

We sat out there (it was wonderful with a great view of the Hudson River and New Jersey) until we needed to get back and pack.  Ellen literally squeezed everything into the suitcases and they were out in the hall by 10:00 PM.

Our wake up call was set for 6:30 AM.

Hoping for a good night’s sleep.

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