Sunday, June 11, 2017

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - Panama Canal Transit - Warm, Humid, Mostly Cloudy - mid 80s

Even though the ship didn’t start for the canal until 5:00 AM, I still didn’t get a good night’s sleep – maybe it was all the reading.  A mystery, for sure.

I didn't get up quite early enough to catch the start of the transit but I did get a picture of the cargo loading docks and the Bridge of the Americas, which essentially is the first sight coming in from the Pacific Side.

Transit Under Way

Bridge of the Americas

I had breakfast in the Lido Café as the Symphony was approaching the Miraflores Locks.  From the port side, I got a great view of the new locks and a ship getting ready to be guided in my the new tugs.

New Locks from the Miraflores Locks

Throughout the day, we watched the transit from several locations.  The entire passage took about eight hours.  The weather, while hot and humid, cooperated with no rain.

Canal Tug

Gatun Lake

Centennial Bridge

At 2:15 PM, we went to the Avenue Saloon to hear Master Photographer, Dr. Paul Wilkinson combine comedy and photography in his presentation –“Flash Bang, Wallop (What a Picture)”.  He was very entertaining and had a full house – unfortunately, he was interrupted by the Canal Narrator, which caused a number of people to leave the talk.  Still a funny experience.

We had dinner with Steve in the Crystal Dining Room – a Kosher Duck and four Polish Sausages (really four).  I only ate one and half and don’t know the fate of the other two dogs.  I started off with Cream of Tomato soup containing ginger strips.

Fruit for dessert along with a decaf soy latte finished off the meal.

We had to run to get the last seats in the back for Ty Barnett, a comic from LA.  He was funny in a subtle way but he had the first full house and more audience of the cruise.

Continued reading “The Affair” up in the Palm Court, stopping only to listen and enjoy Shoresounds version of “I Dreamed a Dream”.

Seems smooth on the Caribbean side.

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