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Friday, May 19, 2017 – New York City, NY – Partly Cloudy – 90s

Disembarkation Day

This is one of the few time, Ellen and I get breakfast together.  They had all of the usual items on the menu (all very good) and it wasn’t crowded.  We had a little time and didn’t have to rush.

We are on the 9:30 AM Shuttle to LGA for our flight - AA390 departing LGA at 12:30PM.  We went through immigration in Charleston but we still had to clear Customs in NY.  After our group was called, the process went quickly – it helps to be on a small ship and the only ship at the terminal.  We found our bags easily and boarded the bus quickly.  In the past, we have had to wait for the rest of the passengers to make it to the shuttle - not this time, all the people boarded in just a few minutes.

Crystal Symphony from the Airport Shuttle

The ride to LGA was circuitous – I could never drive in this city – but we got to the airport quicker than I thought.  And even though we were told that the construction at LGA was monstrous, our driver got us to the American Terminal in plenty of time.

We read, I journaled until it was time to board. 

AA390 (the only view I could get)

We are in Seats 19C/19D (aisles across) on this B737-800.  Luckily, we had good seat mates.

The flight was relatively smooth.  We had lox and cream cheese sandwiches for lunch (very good) and we landed at ORD on time. 

Our bags emerged onto the carousel relatively quickly (I had called for a cab earlier and he got still got there long after we got our stuff and went outside).  I tracked the cab on my app.

Soon, we arrived home and rested awhile before going to our daughter’s house for dinner.

The cruise was very different from previous voyages (e.g. only a single excursion) and, while it was different, we met some interesting people on board.  I also liked Paul, the Cruise Director.  We enjoyed it and hope to do it again.

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