Monday, June 5, 2017

Saturday, May 6, 2017 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – Warm, Partly Cloudy – 80-90s

The weather along the Mexican Coast continues to be perfect.

Mixed it up for breakfast this morning - pancake with syrup and a fried egg.  Not as satisfying as my standard fare.

The lectures continue.

At 10:00 AM – Dick Morgan continued his series on the Panama Canal with “Panama’s Canal – The New Era”,  He showed a lot of graphs and stats on the performance and economy of the canal.  He finished up with a little about the new locks.

We stayed in the Galaxy Lounge to listen to Gary Levitt’s talk on “An Exclusive Look Inside the Official Oscar and Emmy Balls”.  It was a canned presentation put together by Sequoia (a party planning company) but it had some great photos and clips. 

The Grand Buffet was planned for today in the Crystal Plaza.  We checked it out but went up to the Lido Buffet (where they had a lot of same items).

My first talk – “Forensics and History: The Mystery of the Romanovs” -  was at 1:30 PM in the Starlite Club.  It was a good turnout but I really felt I was going very fast to meet the 45 minute time requirement.  I got some good feedback from passengers afterwards (though I found out later that one person did not appreciate my sense of humor regarding one - non-political - item late in the talk).

At 5:00 PM, we attended Alan Rich’s “Songwriting for the Stars” presentation.  He recounted his life story and how he got started as a songwriter (was a shoe salesman in Venice CA before getting his first gig).  A very interesting session that included a song by one of the upcoming entertainers, Carter Calvert.  The talk ran long – one hour 10 minutes, which put the squeeze on for dinner.

We ate off the menu in the Galaxy Dining Room.  Parsnip soup with Capuccino (surprising good); pan-seared Halibut in corn chowder (good), pasta in cream sauce and nuts.

We hustled over to the Galaxy Lounge to hear headliner, Jamila (Ajibade).  She was one of newer members of the reconstituted "Fifth Dimension" singing group.  She had a great voice and did her versions of some Whitney Houston and Tina Turner Songs. 


After the show, we spent a little time in the Crystal Plaza.  Gordon and Lana sound great together.  Gordon plays alone at times in the Plaza - his music is very pleasant to listen to.

Lana Gasparyan and Pianist Gordon Porth

After spending a few minutes with the Shoresounds in the Palm Court, we went to hear Dale Gonyea in the Starlite Club.  A very kooky but funny hour.  He did broach a subject near and dear to my heart - getting non-decaf coffee at night by mistake in the restaurants.  Check out his graphic below.

Dale Gonyea

The clocks go back an hour (Nicaragua is not on Daylight Time).

Hoping for some sleep.

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