Monday, June 12, 2017

Sunday, May 14, 2017 – At Sea (Caribbean) – Warm, Humid – 80s


Up at 6:00 AM –

At 7:30 AM, I headed up for breakfast – some odd choices today – Special K with Skim Milk, cranberry and plain pancake with one egg over medium.  Today, the coffee kept coming – what’s up?

Spent a few minutes with Rick Senat in the Bistro before his talk.  He is very interesting to talk to.

Rick continued his Warner Brothers series at 10:00 AM in the Galaxy Lounge.

I stayed in the Lounge to take in the 11:00 AM presentation by Bill Miller – “Mr. Ocean Liner” – “Sailing to the Sun: Cruising History and Folklore”.  Bill is another long time Crystal Speaker (since the beginning in 1988) (450 cruises on 250 different ships).  The talk was interesting but I imagine he gives the same one every time changing only the last few slides to update things.  The lecture was amusing and the pictures of old cruise ships interesting.

Changed up the lunch a little by ordering a pizza with tomatoes and onions (along with standard salad bar and red pepper gazpacho).  A lovely lunch.

We both passed on the 1:30 PM lecture and instead spent some time on the nice lounges on the back of deck 8.  Probably caught a little nap back but eventually the heat and lack of any breeze sent us back in side.

At 3:30 PM, Steve Friedman presented his second lecture “Musicals based Upon the Silver Screen”.  He had a long list of these movies but he had to whiz through some of the major ones.  He had a good turnout including all of the theme folks.

We had to change for dinner because another theme performer, Kit Smythe, was scheduled for “Never Too Old – Everything Old is New Again”.  Kit is 76 years old and still hoofing and singing.

We had dinner with Steve – we ate off the menu tonight (nothing really to say about dinner – except that the spaghetti wrapped in eggplant was the best item tonight.

We rushed over to the Galaxy Lounge to catch the headliner, Sharon Owens, who performs a Barbra Streisand tribute show called “Legendary”.  I have mixed feelings about tribute shows because many of them are barely paying any tribute to the artists.  But this show was a WINNER.  Sharon has the most remarkable voice and when she morphs into Barbra it is so good, it is a bit creepy.  She came out of her Babs persona to do a small Q&A and sing “My Yiddisha Mama” (wonderful – Sharon is Jewish).  Back in character she did a marvelous version of “Papa, Can You Hear Me”.  It was a great evening and at the end, Sharon got a standing ovation even more powerful than Carter the other night.  Clearly, she was a fan favorite.  Too bad, she can’t put on another show as herself.

We finished off the evening up in the Palm Court listening to Shoresounds.  I requested “Let it Go” from “Frozen”.  They gave it a try even though they admitted it was a tough song to sing.  It turned out to be great.

The seas are a little more evident tonight but not enough to be a factor.

(this apparently was a no-photo day).

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