Thursday, October 27, 2016

Wednesday, Thursday – September 14 and 15, 2016 – At Sea – Atlantic Ocean and English Channel – Cloudy – 60s

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Heading back to Southampton…


I am scheduled early this morning so I was up in the Lido Café early for my pancakes and cottage cheese and scrambled eggs.

Lecture No. 4, “The Search for the Titanic Child” was scheduled for 10:00 AM in the Royal Court Theater. I estimated about 350 attendees.  The lecture ran 38 minutes and went well.

If you can’t get a seat (unlikely), you can always watch the lecture in the balcony on the monitors (below).


20160914_TitanicChild3Small_thumb 20160914_TitanicChild1Small_thumb 20160914_TitanicChildSmall_thumb

Unknown Titanic Child (Series Above)

Having an early lecture leaves the rest of the day free for reading and relaxing.  It was a bit chilly outside but we did find public places inside. 

Lunch and dinner were both in the Lido – I personally never got tired of the made to order pizza.

Tonight is the final Production Show - “Hollywood Rocks” – music from the movies.




ABBA Medley (“Mamma Mia”)

The singers and dancers did a great tribute to Chorus Line – Chorus Line was a great play but a dismal movie (starring Michael Douglas and others).

20160908_ChorusLine4Small_thumb 20160908_ChorusLineSmall_thumb



Chorus Line Medley (“Chorus Line”)


“What a Feeling” (“Flashdance”)

“Let Me Be Your Star” is one of my favorite songs but it’s from Smash, a TV Show.



“Let Me Be Your Star”


The Little Mermaid

20160908_MyHeartWillGoOn1Small_thumb 20160908_MyHeartWillGoOnSmall_thumb

“The Heart Will Go On”

And, of course, the obligatory (but always entertaining), “You Can’t Stop the Beat” from “Hairspray”.

20160908_YouCantStoptheBeatSmall_thu 20160908_YouCantStoptheBeat1Small_th 20160908_YouCantStoptheBeat2Small_th

“You Can’t Stop the Beat”

20160908_FinaletheGirlsSmall_thumb 20160908_FinaleSmall_thumb 20160908_Finale1Small_thumb

The Finale

We have seen a lot of this show before but it was still highly entertaining.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Last day at sea…

My final talk is scheduled for 12:15 PM today.  “Forensics and History: The Whitechapel Murders – The Search for Jack the Ripper” pulled a pretty good turnout in this large theater.  The theater was more than half full equating to an audience of about 400.  The talk was delivered in 43 minutes so all four presentations made it under the 45 minute limit.


The Advert and Balcony Viewing Monitor

The pre-lecture picture from the balcony gives you an idea  of how large the theater is.  That’s me down there, chatting with some early arrivals.


Pre-talk Chat

20160915_WhitechapelMurders6Small_th 20160915_WhitechapelMurders5Small_th 20160915_WhitechapelMurders4Small_th 20160915_WhitechapelMurders2Small_th 20160915_WhitechapelMurders1Small_th

“The Search for Jack the Ripper”


The Big Finish

Ellen has pretty much packed our bags – the afternoon is spent reading and relaxing.

After dinner in the Lido, we went to the Farewell Show.  It starred a British comedian/singer I had never heard of.  He was clearly known by the Brits on board.  We stayed for a little while but I could not understand a word he was saying so we left for one of the quiet lounges.

We went to the Queen’s Room to catch a little of that Farewell Show.  It was headlined by the Blue Jays.  We stayed for a little while before heading to a lounge until the show was over.  On the last night, the show was scheduled to be over at 11:30 PM instead of past midnight.  Small miracle.

20160909_Bluejays1Small_thumb 20160909_BluejaysSmall_thumb

Blue Jays in the Queen’s Room

We have Self Walk Off tomorrow so no bags in the hall.  We have easy access to the lifts so we should be OK getting off.

Hoping to get some sleep tonight.

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