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Tuesday, October 27, 2015 – Newport RI – Partly Cloudy - 55F

Distance from Boston to Newport: 292 Nautical Miles

Port Information. Newport -founded in 1639 by folks fleeing the Puritans – became a place of religious tolerance.  The population of Newport is approximately 25,000. Rose Island Lighthouse is located in front of the Newport Bridge.  Pineapples can be seen on most homes doorways (kept well on long sea voyages and prevented scurvy).  Real pineapples were place by merchants at the entrances of their stores indicating another successful voyage – now metallic and stone pineapples mean welcome.  “Summer Cottages” overlooking the ocean were part of the Gilded Age of the Rich.  The Touro Synagogue is the oldest synagogue in the US and was visited by George Washington in 1781.  The name, Rhode Island, comes from a Dutch Explorer who named it “Roodt Eylandt” of Red Island because of the red clay he found on the shore. Jack and Jackie Kennedy were married in St. Mary’s Church in 1953.

A nice day in Newport RI…today we are tendering into the town.

After the usual breakfast routine (I am still liking the breakfasts), we went to the Princess Theater to dispatch the various tours.  We are both on “Scenic Drive and Touro Synagogue” so we caught the appropriate tender and we were off.

It was warm enough – barely – to sit on the top deck of the tender, where I could get get some nice pictures of the ship.

20151027_top deck tender (Small)

Top Deck of the Tender

20151027_Caribbean P from Tender (Small)20151027_ Caribbean P from Tender 1 (Small)

Caribbean Princess from Tender

On the way in, I snapped a picture of the Fort Adams State Park (including the Naval Garrison).  The Park named for then President John Adams, was built in 1799, as coastal protection.  It is now a venue for the Jazz and Folk Festivals as well as for fishing, swimming, and other sports.

20151027_Ft. Adams Naval Garrison-1 (Small)

Fort Adams State Park

20151027_Newport from ship (Small)

Newport From Tender

We had a little time before we had to meet our bus so we walked through the streets neighboring the pier.

20151027_Newport Pier statue E (Small)

Statue on Pier

Newport is all about the “America’s Cup” so it is only fitting that there would an inn named after the yacht race near the pier.

20151027_Americas Cup Inn Me (Small)

20151027_Newport Shopping (Small)

Port Area – Newport

We found a Shorex person and asked about our bus – she told us it was not here yet.  A few minutes later, we found out that the bus was here and in a different spot and would be leaving very soon.  We sprinted for the bus and we were on our way around Newport.  Our guide was Vinnie and he was very Rhode Island.

After a short tour of Newport proper – we passed by St. Mary’s Church but were unable to get any pictures – we stopped at the Tuoro Synagogue.  The grounds surrounding the synagogue is called “Patriot’s Park”.

20151027_Patriots Park Tuoro (Small)

Patriot’s Park

20151027_Touro Synagogue 1 (Small)

Tuoro Synagogue

We were met in the synagogue by a guide, who gave us an excellent overview of the institution and its history.  Photography is not allowed in the synagogue so I had to quickly take a shot of the interior as I was leaving.  Not bad.

20151027_Touro Synagogue interior (Small)

Interior of Synagogue

From the synagogue we headed over to the adjacent museum (washrooms and exhibits).  But on the way, we had our picture taken at the oldest Shul in the United States.

20151027_Touro Synagogue us (Small)

20151027_Synagogue from Museum (Small)

Synagogue from the Museum

The remaining part of the tour involved the famed Newport Mansions.  This was the disappointing part of the tour because the route taken by the bus and the speed of the vehicle made it impossible to get any pictures of some of the more notable homes.

The only picture I could get (and it wasn’t easy) was that of the Newport Golf Club.

20151027_Newport GC-1 (Small)

After the tour, we waited for the tender line to dissipate at bit, then hopped the tender back to the ship.  As the sun was setting, we could get a good look at the Rose Island Lighthouse (build in 1870 but now inactive) and Newport Bridge in Narrangansett Bay. 

20151027_Newport Bridge sunset (Small)

Rose Island and Lighthouse

20151027_Newport Sunset (Small)20151027_Newport from ship sunset (Small)

Sunset in the Bay

20151027_Moonrise (Small)

Moonrise – Newport, Rhode Island

Showtime tonight featured singer Solomon Jaye, who specialized in  the songs of the 70s and 80s.  We weren’t quite sure about this show but it turned out to be quite entertaining.

20151027_ Solomon Jaye 2 (Small)

20151027_Solomon Jaye 1 (Small)

A big day in Newport…

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