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Sunday, November 1, 2015 – Port Everglades, FL- Partly Cloudy – 84F

Finally, in sunny and warm, Southern Florida…

We are both on tour today.  We couldn’t stay off the water so we are on “Intercoastal Waterway and Las Olas Blvd”.  Our ship for the water portion is “The Carrie B Paddleboat”.  The waters are calms and the deck affords good views of both sides of the waterway.

20151101_ Atlantic Ocean 1 (Small)

Atlantic Ocean in the Distance

20151101_E on tour intetcoastal waterway (Small)

On Deck

The little yacht below was once owned by stuntman, Evel Knievel.

20151101_Evel Knevel yacht-1 (Small)

The Superyacht Infinity below is up for sale for a cool $250 Million. 

20151101_Infinity (Small)20151101_Infinity siperyacht $250 MIL (Small)

The Infinity

The house below sports a faux gator on its lawn.  What? Not enough real gators around.

20151101_ fake gator (Small)

20151101_ IC Waterway 1 (Small)

The house below belongs to Director/Producer Michael Mann, best known for the TV Series, “Miami Vice”.

20151101_Michael Mann house (Small)

Michael Mann Casa

20151101_New River (Small)

“New River” Section of the Waterway

20151101_Entering intetcoastal waterway (Small)

Entering the Intercoastal Waterway

The house below is called the “White House”.  It belongs to the GMC Engineer who invented auto air conditioning.  I guess those royalties are just rolling in.

20151101_the White House GM AC inventor (Small)

Hurrican Wilma came through the Ft. Lauderdale area and the storm and surge did some modifications to the shoreline.  One of these changes is “Wilma’s Beach”.  Not sure what it looked like before the storm.

20151101_Wilmas Beach formed by H Wilma (Small)

Wilma’s Beach

20151101_ IC Waterway 2 (Small)20151101_ IC Waterway 3 (Small)

Just Cruising the Waterway and Checking out the Houses

The boat headed out to more open water – from here, we got great views of the ships docked at Port Everglades.  I just couldn’t resist taking several shots of Caribbean Princess (for the Photobook).

20151101_bridge to port everglades (Small)20151101_Caribbean Princess (Small)

20151101_ Caribbean Princess 1 (Small)

20151101_Caribbean Princess 3 (Small)

Caribbean Princess

20151101_FLL Skyline (Small)20151101_ft lauderdale skyline 1 (Small)

Looking Back at the Ft. Lauderdale Skyline

20151101_heading back to New River (Small)

Heading back to the “New River”

20151101_Independence OTS (Small)

The Independence of the Seas

We disembarked the paddleboat and continued our bus tour.  The route took us along the beautiful beaches of Ft. Lauderdale.

20151101_FLL beach (Small)20151101_FLL beach 1 (Small)

FLL Beaches

Our final stop was Las Olas Boulevard – one of the posh shopping and dining areas of Ft. Lauderdale.  Some of the shops were closed this Sunday but all of the eateries were open and full of locals and tourists.

20151101_Las Olas Blvd (Small)

We walked along a long stretch of the Boulevard and checked out some of the shops.  We did find one very interesting sculpture of the classic three monkeys.  Couldn’t resist taking a picture.

20151101_monkey business (Small)

Hear, See, Speak…

Soon we were back on the ship.  The many ships docked here today leave in a specific order and we were able to see the departures from the top deck.

20151101_Eurodam departing (Small)

HAL Eurodam Departing

20151101_Independence OTS departing (Small)

20151101_Independence OTS Leaving (Small)

Independence of the Seas Departing

After another very nice dinner, we took in the Headliner tonight, comedian – musician Gary Delena.  He was very funny and also played guitar and sang.  A highly enjoyable show.

We are off to Houston…

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