Monday, January 25, 2016

Saturday, October 31, 2015 – At Sea – Atlantic Ocean – Partly Cloudy – 77F

Starting on the warm segment of the cruise…a beatiful day at sea.

20151031_At sea (Small)

Up and out early for my next presentation at 10 AM - “Forensics and History:  The Search for the Unknown Titanic Child”.  This time people arrived early to get good seats.  At showtime, the place was full with passengers standing in the aisles and in the back - SRO.  There was some difficulty with the AV cable so the talk did not start until 10:15 AM or so but the audience stayed and was very patient.  We eventually used a jump drive and the AV laptop but it was not my laptop that was the source of the problem (the AV laptop also had the problem).  Apparently, there was a connection issue involving the cable that runs from the stage to the projection booth.  They will get that straightened out for the next talk.

20151031_ Titanic Child 1 (Small)20151031_ Titanic Child 2 (Small)20151031_ Titanic Child 3 (Small)20151031_ Titanic Child full house (Small)20151031_ Titanic Child SRO (Small)20151031_Titanic Child (Small)

Capacity Crowd

A whole day to spend on the warm deck – that’s exactly what we did.

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