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Tuesday, November 3, 2015 – At Sea – Gulf of Mexico – Sunny – 79F

Continued beautiful weather at sea…

After breakfast, I headed up to the International Cafe to go over today’s presentation.  Of course, this involved ordering the last Decaf, Skinny, Mocha Latte of the cruise (very good). 

20151103_Intl Cafe in the morning (Small)

Mocha Latte and Prepping

My final talk today is at 11:30 AM (competing with lunch).  I don’t usually end on this talk – “Forensics and History – The Whitechapel Murders” but this is the way the schedule worked out.  Again, the theater was full - not an empty seat with people sitting on the stairs and some people again leaving because there were no seats.  I calculated the attendance at approximately 670 people -  a new cruise record for me for theater attendance density.  The presentation went well and ran about 55 minutes. 

Spent most of the day on Deck 16 aft reading – I started “The Girl in the Spider Web” by David Lagercranz, a continuation of the Lisbeth Salander – Millenium Series by the late Stieg Larssen.  The book has the same style as the original but the scope of the story is very much expanded compared to the Trilogy.

20151103_at sea deck 16 aft (Small)

Deck 16 Aft – Our Favorite Place

We were treated to a beautiful sunset off the port side of the ship

20151103_Sunset port side (Small)

Sunset and Glassy Seas

We had dinner in Horizon Court.  Although the buffet usually had something for us, tonight we came up empty for options.  We waited for fresh pizza, which was good.

We decided not to attend Variety Showtime featuring comedian Miguel Washington and Chris Watkins (fiddler).

Our suitcases were out in the hall by 7:30 PM but we were so tired we were back in the room by 9:00 PM.

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