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October 25, 2015 – Bar Harbor, Maine – Cloudy – Drizzly – 52F

Distance from Halifax to Bar Harbor: 269 Nautical Miles

A not so nice day in Bar Harbor…

Port Information.  Bar Harbor was established in 1796 and named after Sir Richard Eden - “Eden”.  It became Bar Harbor in 1918 after being named after the island that shelters the harbor.  The city itself is located on Mount Desert Island, which was formed by glaciers 18,000 years ago.  In the mid 19th Century, the island was frequented by the wealthy (Rockefellers, Carnegies, Astors, and Vanderbilts) who built huge mansions.  It is home to Mt. Cadillac, which at 1532 ft is the tallest “peak” on the Eastern United States coast. It is also home to Acadia National Park and its 47,000 acres of trees and lakes. 

At anchor today

20151025_View from ship Bar Harbor (Small)

20151025_ View from ship Bar Harbor 1 (Small)

View of the Harbor from the Ship

We are out in the harbor with two other ships.  The HAL Maasdam, which followed us here from Halifax and the Regent cruiser (not sure which).

20151025_Regent and Maasdam Bar Harbor (Small)

20151025_Carib Princess Bar Harbor 1 (Small)

Our Two Traveling Companions

We are on tour today - “Acadia National Park and Mt. Cadillac”.  It doesn’t look like we’ll be getting out of the bus much so most of the pictures will be taken through wet windows.

We again helped out with the dispatch of the tours and our own tender ride was pretty smooth despite the weather. 

We had about two hours before our tour departed so we decided to walk around the town – the last time we were here, we had the whole family with us and it was sunny and hot. 

20151025_Bar Harbor Inn (Small) 

Bar Harbor Inn

20151025_ Carib Princess Bar Harbor 1 (Small) 

Caribbean Princess from the Tender Pier

Even though it was Sunday, many of the shops were open to accommodate the cruise ships.  We sampled some fudge and looked around for a place to get some lunch.  We spotted a Subway and would return later to get some Tuna Subs.

 20151025_E and puffin (Small)

Ellen and a Puffin

 20151025_main st bar harbor (Small) 

What a Neat Name for a Restaurant

Fall colors were also evident in Bar Harbor and we found a nice little park that showed them off very well.

20151025_Fall Colors 1 (Small)

Fall Colors on Display

We returned to the Subway to get our sandwiches.  After waiting for while as a customer tried to pay for a huge order, we ordered only to find out that the store was out of tuna!!!  How can that be?

After walking around a bit, we ended up at a pizza place off the main street.  We ordered a couple of slices and they were OK.

We then caught our bus and started our tour of Acadia National Park.  You will note that there are no pictures of this tour because the windows were indeed wet (rained steadily) and yielded nothing but blurry shots.  We saw Beaver Dams and views of the coastline but none of them could be photographed.

The highlight of the tour was the stop at the peak of Mt. Cadillac.  Even though it was cold, rainy, and windy, a lot of us got out (it was the only rest stop on this trip so a necessity).  We spent a little time in the Gift Shop more to get out of the elements than anything else.  You can see by the shots below that Mt. Cadillac was not a very hospitable place.

20151025_summit mt cadillac (Small)  20151025_ Mt Cadillac Summit 1 (Small)

The Summit of Mt. Cadillac

Tonight’s entertainment was a comedic bakeoff.  Our first stop was the Princess Theater where we caught Mike Wilson.  Mike is very funny and we have seen him before but he seemed to have a little trouble connecting with the audience. 

We then went to the Explorer’s Lounge to try and find some seats for Tom Briscoe.  Even though the place was full we did find two seats on the side (good visibility and comfort).  Tom was very funny – even funnier than his welcome aboard stint.  He was a hoot.

As usual, we checked out the Crooner’s Lounge and David Williams.

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