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Tuesday, May 12, 2015 – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – Partly Cloudy – 82 F

Distance from Topolobampo to Cabo San Lucas: 173 Nautical Miles

Background.  Cabo San Lucas population 69,000.  Founded by an Englishman named Thomas Ritchie in 1828. Cabo is known for the El Arco (a granite formation carved by the ocean) and Playa del Amor - Lover’s Beach (accessible only by boat).  This is a tender port.

It’s going to be a beautiful day in Cabo San Lucas starting with a great breakfast on the aft deck – windless and warm.  The only way to get breakfast (even better today as there are few people out here today).

20150512_breakfast aft deck (Small)

Breakfast on the Deck

We are scheduled to arrive in Cabo about 11:00 AM.  The ship arrived pretty much on time.  Since we are not on tour today, we got our tender tickets and waited for our group to be called.  The wait was short and soon we were on our way.

20150512_boarding tender (Small)

Boarding our tender

Whenever I can, I try to get a jump seat by the entrance to the boat – that way I can get some nice shots as we make our way to the port.

 20150512_154217 (Small)

My Seat of Choice

20150512_pac princess los arcos (Small)

Departing – the Pacific Princess and Los Arcos

20150512_102747 (Small)20150512_102817 (Small)

On Our Way

In the photo above, you can see another ship anchored in the bay.

Also here today is the Celebrity Infinity

20150512_Celebrity Infinity cabo (Small)

From monitoring Facebook postings, I know that old friend, Bill Fall, is on that ship.  I also know that because of a change in itinerary, the Infinity is spending the night in Cabo.

Of course,it is mandatory to take a picture of the signature feature of Los Cabos, Los Arcos, on any tender ride to shore.  I complied with the photo below.  As you can see, it is cloudy today so it is not a grade A photo.

20150512_los arcos (Small)

Los Arcos

We are planning to walk around the town (our usual activity in Cabo).  As we were walking along the boardwalk, we spotted a familiar figure – the one and only Bill Fall.  What are the odds?  Bill pretty much looks the same as the last time I saw him – with the exception that he might have a new cap.  We reminisced a bit and then we parted ways – the Infinity was getting ready to leave soon.

20150512_ bill fall in cabo 2 (Small)

Bill Fall – Reunion in Cabo San Lucas

We walked along the waterfront and then checked out some of the new construction in the city.  Again, Cabo has really rebounded from its encounter with a hurricane.  A brand new Resort Hotel is being built just a block from the waterfront.  One interesting sign caught my eye as we walked along some of the less travelled streets.  I guess a decaf latte is out of the question. 

20150512_cabo coffee shop (Small)

No Doubt About Decaf at this Store

It was still warm and we had walked for at least an hour so we decided to head back to the ship.  This is where I usually get the cover picture of my photo album.

20150512_Pac Princess Official (Small)

Cover Shot for My Next Photo Album

Since this was not a port day, dinner was in the Panorama Buffet – I missed the Bistro but the pizza was still good (if you got it right out of the oven) and the salads tasty.

The headliner tonight in the Theater was Mark Preston.  He is a singer (and very good) from South Bend IN (wore a lot of Irish gear on stage) and around the ship. He was a member of the Lettermen singing group from 1980 – 2011.  His act was entertaining except for one segment where he used a track of other voices to simulate the Letterman Sound.  For some reason, it sounded funny and it made it look like he was lip-synching.  The audience loved him and so did we.

We still have two relaxing sea days ahead of us – a bonus.

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