Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday, May 8,2015 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean –Partly Cloudy – 84F

Another beautiful day at sea as we head toward Mexico…

20150508_ship position (Small)

I am getting up way too early based on the fact that I am again witnessing an amazing sunrise over the Pacific.  Winds are light so breakfast on the back deck is perfect.

20150508_at sea (Small)20150508_sunrise (Small)20150508_sunrise 1 (Small)


Today, I am at the half way point in my lecture series, delivering presentation number 6 – “Search for the Unknown Titanic Child”.  The audience is once again in the 260-270 range based on the percentage of filled seats.

We are in a pretty good routine on these sea days.  Deck time, then buffet lunch in the Panorama Lounge.  More deck time then dinner in the Bistro / Panorama (not getting tired of the pizza so far). 

Michael Minor is putting on his second show tonight and it is just as entertaining as his earlier effort.

This is a good rut to be in…

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